Volume #10, Issue #2

Buddy Cage & Bad Dog

            The difficulty in gaining and maintaining musical success today is becoming more evident with each fleeting moment. Such is the case with many bands that have had close encounters with popularity.

            Buddy Cage, the handsome former pedal steel player with the New Riders of the Purple Sage is just one of the many individual band members that are striking out on their own, creating solo effects and forming new bands. Their hopes are high, having learned much from past experiences in previous enterprises.

            Buddy Cage’s latest offering, called Buddy Cage & Bad Dog, has only been together a short time. Their repertoire includes a variety of New Riders tunes, including a beautiful version of “Louisiana Lady”, some Kingfish, a soulful “Mr. Charlie” and a bit of Dylan. The band hosts a strong variety of original material as well.

            Bad Dog consists of Clark Howell (drums and vocals), John Maycock (guitar and vocals), Michael Beausoleil (bass and vocals), Jed Hover (vocals) and, of course, Buddy Cage on pedal steel. Vocals play a strong part in the band’s sound.

            Cage’s work seems at home here with the powerful melodies executed by his new co-members, more so than with the ragged, lackadaisical sounds produced by the New Riders.

            As Buddy said in a recent conversation, “The Riders would vote on everything we did, but I was just one vote. I saw many mistakes made that were hard for me to accept. I’m not a businessman, but I think I’m going to learn to be one very soon. I’ve been humbled and as much as I’d like to succeed, I know I also have to eat.”

            Well, Buddy, it was refreshing to see you with your new band. Best of luck to you and your Bad Dogs!

Toni A. Brown

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