Volume #10, Issue #6 -- October 1983


Dear Readers,

            With this special double issue, we are celebrating Relix's 10th anniversary.  What I have done is taken some of the highlights from the past 10 years and compiled them with a carefully selected grouping of new material.  All in all, this issue of Relix took a bit of time, planning, and research.

            One thing that did come out of all this was a deep appreciation on my part, as to where Relix came from.  Also, the fact that we have maintained much of that early informality while going through our commercial changes makes Relix uniquely special.  We never wanted Relix to become another one of those common magazines though we've suffered financially because of our lack of conformity.

            Still, after 10 years, Relix survives.  Its views are still very much the same, as are many of our readers.  The Relix family, of which you are all a part, still cares.  We've not grown cold, nor bored, nor frustrated.  We're still kickin gand making little ripples in the sea of it all.

            So, we'll keep trying.

            There are so many people to thank, but most importantly, we thank you, our readers, for your support and appreciation.  We'd also like to thank everyone and anyone who has ever contributed their time, effort, and talent to Relix.  You are the eternal spirit that helps keep us adrift.

With Love,

Toni A. Brown

P.S.  My very personal thanks go to Robert Hunter for the words that brought my spiritual being into wakefulness, and to the Grateful Dead for delivering the message in such a special way.

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