Volume #10, Issue #6 -- October 1983

By Toni

Peter Rowan is trying to get brothers Chris and Lorin to join him on the road.  He recently stated that upon listening to some old tapes of the three of them together, he sensed the magic that was there.  Jerry Garcia once claimed that the Rowan's would one day be as big as the Beatles.  Well, let's hope they give it another chance.  Let's get it together, boys!

David Nelson and Frank Wakefield are playing together once again.  They are staying close to their West Coast home, and it appears that their performances are informal, but you never know what can happen.

During his recent East Coast tour, Robert Hunter is quoted as saying, "Look for a new Dinosaur album, soon to be released in about five years!"  I'm afraid he meant it as fellow Dinosaur, Barry Melton, stated the same.  But, watch for a possible East Coast Dinosaur tour by the end of the year.

Matthew Kelly is attempting to put a Kingfish tour together, featuring Bob Weir, to promote an upcoming Kingfish LP.  The album will feature never released early Kingfish material.  Watch Relix for further details.

When we asked Jorma about a new Hot Tuna album, he advised us that it was a possibility, pending how things went on the reunion tour.

David and Nancy Bromberg had a baby boy, Jacob Samuel.  Our best to the family.

There is a possibility of the David Bromberg Band doing another tour by the end of the year.  If not, you can catch his 10th Anniversary Bottom Line performance in NYC in February.

John Firmin, Bromberg Band saxophonist, recently returned from a tour of Alaska with his own band "John Firmin and the Adults."  They perform R & B sax work from the early 40's to the present.  They have also been performing in San Francisco.  Other band members are Bromberg Band's Lance Dickerson on drums, Tim Eschilman (Moonlighters, Cody) on bass, Scott Lawrence (Jesse Colin Young) on keyboards and local hero, Stevie Gurr, on guitar.

Brian Marnell, drummer with SVT, died recently of a long existing illness.

Mark Stein and the legendary band Vanilla Fudge have just completed their new album for Atlantic Records.  Jeff Beck played guitar on two of the tracks.  The album contains all original material except for two cover songs.  The release date is tentative for November.

Graham Bonnet and his new band, Alcatrazz, have rleased a new album on Rocshire Records with simultaneously released videos.  In 1968, Robert Stigwood signed Bonnet as a solo artist and took the Bee Gees on as backup musicians.  That band was called Marbles.  He has since been part of such bands as Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow and the Michael Shenker Group.  Appearing on his new album are Jimmy Waldo on keyboards and Gary Shea on bass, both from New England, Jan Uvena on drums for Alice Cooper and Iron Butterfly, Ron Wood, and 20 year old guitar prodigy Yngwie Malmsteen from Sweden.

Buddy Cage is back in town!  After spending some time in Massachusetts, he has come down to the Big Apple and is spending some time here.  He has been seen playing locally with the likes of the Tom Russell Band and Coyote (which features Relix's own Gary Kroman on guitar).  Watch for big things to come from this artist.

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