Volume #12, Issue #5

To All Relix Readers

††††††††††† Special thanks to all of the people who have taken the time to contribute to Relix, be it through letters, stories, photos, artwork, criticism or suggestions. We try to use as much as space allows, so donít stop now! Keep the letters and comments coming. We look forward to tour reviews and insights from our readers. Your artwork and photos are inspirational, so keep it up!

††††††††††† We would appreciate your views on taking kids to Dead shows. Are we creating second-generation Deadheads or a new breed of rebellious youth that will separate themselves from our music? We hope to hear from you on this subject and we will incorporate all info into a story that needs delving into. And send pictures!

††††††††††† Thanks also for the great response to our last issue. My favorite question was ďIs this Relixís last issue? How can you follow this one with something better?Ē The answer: I guess Iíll have to try harder!

††††††††††† Thanks for making us all we are! Hope you enjoy this issue.

Iíll keep smiliní if you do!

Toni A. Brown

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