Volume #15, Issue #4 -- August 1988


15 Years ago… Les Kippel went to his first Grateful Dead concert at the Fillmore East.  He wasn't satisfied with the dim recollections of the music, so he decided to start taping the shows.

            Les quickly found friends who wanted copies of these tapes, and before long his living room was filled with fellow "Dead Freaks" and tape machines (up to 13 running on a given night).  Thus, the "Free Underground Tape Exchange" was born.

            There had to be a way to get the tapes out more quickly.  Why not start a newsletter with taping news and classified ads?  Dead Relix was started, the early issues being run off a High School mimeograph machine.

            The Grateful Dead took a hiatus in 1974, and Dead Relix began writing about the members' offshoot projects -- Legion of Mary, Kingfish, The New Riders of the Purple Sage.  Les and his friends then started writing about other Bay Area favorites like Commander Cody, The Airplane, and Hot Tuna.  This progression continued, and Relix went full circle, covering many diverse musical styles without ever losing its main focus -- The Grateful Dead.

            The loyalty and support of our readers has gotten us through the rough times, and made the good times better.  Thank you for being there.  You've given us the strength to continue the vision.  This year is DEADicated to you!

-- Toni A. Brown

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