Volume #16, Issue #2 -- April 1989


     An upcoming issue of Relix will soon mark a major milestone in our history. With that issue, we reach our 1,000,000th issue of Relix printed. To celebrate this landmark event, we will have the issue that marks 1,000,000 inserted with a special coupon which will entitle the recipient to many special prizes. The following companies are donating prizes that will go to the lucky winner -- Revolver Records, Jerry Jaspar Designs, Trading Post, Psychedelic Shop, Itís Only Rock & Roll, Comet Records, Fantasy Records, Guatemalan Goodies, the Wetlands Preserve, Now and Then Shop, Not Fade Away and Rykodisc -- so far! The winning issue will be sent out randomly either to a subscriber or a distributor/store. So make sure we have all address changes, and get down to your store -- that lucky issue might be yours.

     On April 15th, we will be celebrating our 16th Anniversary at the Wetlands in NYC. Featured arists include Zero and Solar Circus. Call 212-966-4225 for info. We look forward to seeing you there!

     On May 21st, we will be presenting another very special concert at the newly opened Wetlands Preserve at 161 Hudson St., NYC. Our performers for this show will be Acoustic Kingfish with very special friends (including Sandy Rothman of the Acoustic Garcia Band & Black Mt. Boys). We will be doing a live recording, so get in on the action. A great time is guaranteed! If you havenít checked out the Wetlands yet, you should. Owner Larry Bloch has done an incredible job in creating the perfect setting for a night out that makes you feel right at home. Call 212-966-4225 for more information. Watch for more Kingfish Northeast tour dates.

     Iíve received many letters of concern over the lack of live shows by Living Earth. Great news! They have solidified their line-up and will continue touring some time in the late spring. This band is too good to have put in a permanent leave. Iíve been assured that theyíll be back better than ever.

     Max Creek has been touring extensively, as usual. Recent shows have taken them to Washington DC, Virginia, North Carolina, and Philadelphia. In March they headlined at NYCís Bottom Line. All of this touring is in addition to their hitting their familiar haunts regularly. They have lots of new material and theyíre sounding better than ever. Watch for more extensive tour dates to bring them to a venue near you.

     We have uncovered a third band using the name Slipknot. This one hails from El Granada, CA. At some point, weíll figure it all out and pass it on to you.

     On a recent episode of "Married... With Children," Al refused to go to a "Salon" for a haircut after his barber died. After much growth, he gives in deciding enough is enough. His decision was come to because "Iím sick of fat guys with granny glasses coming up to me and asking me if I like the new Dead album."

     The Dinosaurs made a television appearance on Midnight Caller which aired February 7. They performed "Mona."

     Savory Brown has relased its second record for Crescendo, KINGS OF BOOGIE. The new material was written by the members of the band which includes Kim Simmonds, Dave Walker, Jimmy Dagnesi, and Al Macomber.

     Moby Grape original members Jerry Miller, Peter Lewis, Bob Mosley, and Don Stevenson, along with Alec Jupp and Richard Dean, have been touring under the name of MLMS. MLMS is now based in Seattle and have been working on a new album.

     The Rainbow Family Gatherís upcoming dates for get-tgoethers are April 2, Chicago - 312-743-5487; April 14-17, Kentucky -- 502-487-6653; May 13, Phila. -- 215-724-3274; May 13-15, Nevada -- Rainbow Family Spring Council 702-883-6977; May, Indiana -- 312-226-3248; Summer Solstice June 21-28, New England -- Box 227 Montague MA 01351; July 1-7, Nevada -- 18th World Peace & Healing Gathering of the Rainbow Box 2455 Carson City, NV 98701. No collect calls please.

     The 8th Annual Storkfest Gathering of the Tribes and Other Cultures will be held June 3rd at Genesee Valley Park in Rochester, NY. A donation of $5 is requested. Proceeds benefit Greenpeace. Bands include Still Kickiní, Crucial Groove, and the Flu.

     Congratulations to Merle Saunders, Jr. and his lady on the birth of twin girls.

     Bay area photographer Marc Ricketts is currently producing a series of photos about Deadheads. A selection of images will be exhibited at the Academy of Art College Gallery from April 10-21. The gallery is located at 625 Sutter St., San Francisco.

     On the environmental front, we have located a company that manufactures biodegradable bags: Beresford Packaging, 155 Myles Standish Blvd., Taunton, MA 02780. For info on bulk custom bags call 508-824-8636.

     The big news is the reunion of the Jefferson Airplane. All former members have signed on except Marty Balin and Spencer Dryden. Balin has been busy touring with his own band and would consider joining his former band-mates if he were asked. Spencer Dryden seems to have been overlooked as well, but he is busy working with the Dinosaurs and other solo projects. Airplane tour plans include outdoor amphitheaters during August and September, and rumor has it they my do some dates with the Grateful Dead. RCA, the Airplaneís former record label, is negotiating for an album.

     The Wide Range is a Dead fanzine full of show set lists, classifieds, and other fun stuff. Send $12.50 for 5 issues, 6 newsletters, and a 25 word ad to The Wide Range, Box 72469, Las Vegas, NV 89170. Watch for their free flyer handouts at the shows.

     Bad Haircut is a small press, peace and justice magazine. This unique collection of poetry and short writings by many different contributors makes for interesting reading. For more info write Bad Haircut, Box 6631, Kent, WA 98054. Include a S.A.S.E.

     Jersey Beat hails from, you guessed it, New Jersey and covers the local new music scene in a way that makes it all very relevant and interesting. This fanzine is a must for anyone into current music -- the latest issue includes articles on Ultra Vivid Scene, Stetz, Uncle Bob Touched Me, and Crocodile Shop. Lots of reviews and news in this quarterly publication. Write Jersey Beat at 418 Gregory Ave., Weehawken, NJ 07087. ($1.50 per issue -- a good deal.) Tell Ďem you saw it in Relix.

     Two great English Ďzines crossed my desk simultaneously -- Freakbeat and Encyclopaedia Psychedelica. I have to recommend both highly. Freakbeat #5 is available with a full color cover and a unique 3D format. It comes with 3D specs, 4 track flexi-disc with tracks by the Green Pajamas, and 3 other bands, interviews and articles on bands like The Shamen, The Morticians, and Always August, plus lots of news and reviews. Freakbeat is "a psychedelic magazine intended for 80ís sound-heads and distorted minds everywhere." Also includes coverage of 60ís bands. Write to Richard Allen, c/o Freakbeat, Upway Corner, Upway, Chalfont St. Peter, Bucks SL9 OAG, England. For a sample issue, send payment in International Money Order for 3 British pounds.

     Encyclopaedia Psychedelica is a magazine devoted to the new wave of psychedelic revolution. By the year 2000, they expect to comprise a hundred volumes, embodying the greatest distillation of human wisdom/potential of all time, the bible not excluded. Itís also filled with lots of wonderful weirdness and serious coverage of cultural greats like Ken Kesey. To receive a sample issue send an IMO for 3 British pounds to Encyclopaedia Psychedelica, P.O. Box 833, London NW6, England.

     Every Tuesday night from 5:30-7pm, folks in the vicinity of Winnetka/Chicago should tune in to 88.1 for Driftiní and Dreaminí, a Dead related show broadcast from the WNTH studios.

     WZLX in Boston has expanded its Dead Ahead show to 90 minutes each Saturday night at 11pm. The show host is Geoff Allan.

     Finally, it has not gone unnoticed that no pictures of Brent appeared in our Year-End issue. This was an oversight in that the two photo spreads he did appear in were both pulled at the end when space ran out for that issue. We donít get as many photos of Brent as we do of, letís say, Jerry or Bobby, so good shots are always in short supply. But weíll work on it!

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