Volume #16, Issue #3 -- June 1989

Additional Fragments by Toni

Recent events on the road have come to my attention in the form of letters, newspaper clippings, and phone calls. I am being stopped everywhere I go with reports and questions. I felt, up until the Spring Tour, that there was no need for panic. It has all happened before -- new fans come aboard, old fans get fed up with larger venues and new heads -- but the problems have never occurred on this scale.

When the band left the road in 1975, it gave everyone an opportunity to reflect on the scene. The band was able to re-group and work on new material, and to tour with solo projects. The heads got a taste of what it would be like if the band weren’t so accessible. At that time, many fans turned elsewhere, leaving the faithful to hold the scene together. When the Dead returned from their hiatus, things were more tolerable; tickets were more available; the feeling was less urgent. There was something of a re-birth, and we were all happy to be there.

So, here we are, teetering on the brink of a crystal mountain that seems destined to crack under our weight. Where will we turn when our visions are shattered and the family is scattered?

* * * * * *

The Psychedelic Solution Gallery at 33 West 8th St., 2nd floor, New York City, will be housing the original artwork of the entire forthcoming ZAP #12 issue. Underground comix fans will note this exciting occasion. The artists contributing to this new ZAP are R. Crumb, S. Clay Wilson, Rick Griffin, Victor Moscoso, Gilbert Shelton, Spain Rodriguez, and Robert Williams. All of these artists will gather for the opening party.

At a recent Oakland Coliseum performance, Robyn Hitchcock was joined backstage by Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir. Last year the Grateful Dead and Suzanne Vega performed Hitchcocks's "Chinese Bones" at the Rain Forest Benefit in New York.

Mickey Hart's "Music to be Born By" CD, released by Rykodisc, was created for the birth of Hart's son. In the liner notes, Hart says, "It's not only helpful during labor. Played during pregnancy, when practicing breathing techniques, a fetal imprint may be achieved, so that after birth this music appears to have a calming effect on the newborn."

Rykodisc has also reissued Robert Hunter's "Tiger Rose." The new mix and vocals has improved this gem dramatically. A must for your collection.

Dinosaurs were mentioned in Rolling Stone Magazine in an article about the band Dinosaur, Jr., who referred to Dinosaurs as a "bunch of has-been" (a statement which Barry Melton acknowledged with pride).

Country Joe & the Fish's "Fixin' to Die Rag" filled a three minute soundtrack on one of TV's hottest shows. The Wonder Years, on March 3rd.

Barry Melton, Peter Albin, and Spencer Dryden were interviewed for an upcoming nationally syndicated radio show going out to over 140 stations during Memorial Day weekend: "Woodstock -- Where Are They Now?" Melton also did an interview for an upcoming MTV special on the same subject.

Merl Saunders was best man at Max Gale's (Wojo from "Barney Miller") wedding. Merl is currently working on a New Age album, and continues to perform nightly at San Francisco's Meridien Hotel. For updates on Dinosaurs and Bay Area live music call the Music Hotline: 415-485-1699.

Former Flying Burrito Brother John Beland wrote the music for the "Morton Downey Jr. Show." Beland can also be heard singing the theme song for the syndicated "Brady Bunch" TV show.

ASCAP has conducted a survey to discover the heroes of today's rock heroes. Jerry Garcia chose Irving Berlin ("My favorite composer of all…I even play Russian Lullabye with my own band. What a great tune!"), Cole Porter, and Jerome Kern (his namesake).

Sober Deadheads can write to Wharf Rat, P.O. Box 1381, Soquel, CA 95073. These folks gather at shows and I've received many requests, asking how sober heads can meet up with them.

The 4th Annual Chicago Peace and Music Festival will be held on June 16-18 at Cricket Hill. Over twenty bands will perform. There will be visual exhibits and craft items, and you'll find info from dozens of peace and humanitarian groups. Admission is free. Call 312-772-1780 for more info.

A Deadhead gathering will take place on August 19 and 20 at Kennedy Park, New Lisbon, WI. They've got the tunes, you bring food, drinks, tents, kids, pets. This campover is free.

WCHC at Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA hosts a show called Dead Air on Wednesday evenings, from 10-12 P.M. They broadcast when school is in session. Tune in to 88.1 FM.

KKZX in Spokane, WA features "Night of the Living Dead." Two hours of live shows, rare tracks, and other tidbits. It is hosted by Mark Falcon, a local Deadhead. It airs Sunday mornings at 1:00 A.M.

Did you hear about the band in Los Angeles that performs reggae style Led Zeppelin? They're called Dread Zeppelin and the group is led by an Elvis impersonator.

Bob Dylan has been recording a new album in New Orleans.

You can keep up with the New Riders of the Purple Sage's latest happenings by writing to the NRPS newsletter, "Keep On Keepin' On." Send a S.A.S.E. to NRPS, c/o Barb Barnes, 60 Feeks Lane, Locust Valley, NY 11560.

Congratulations to Living Earth's Bob Stirner and his wife Francine on the birth of their daughter, Rebecca Allison. Living Earth has resumed touring with a slightly revamped lineup. The October issue of Relix will contain more on Living Earth and some of the other new bands who perform what is coming to be known as "Bay Rock."

Redheaded Deadhead's can now get together through Grateful Red Heads, 1525 W. Roscoe, Chicago, IL 60657.

The Grateful Dead's Summer Solstice show at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountainview, CA, will be broadcast on pay-per-view television. The live broadcast has reportedly already been sold to the Cable Video Store, Viewer's Choice, and Request Television PPV neworks.

Geffen has released a Greenpeace benefit album entitled "Rainbow Warriors." Previously recorded material is included from the Grateful Dead, U2, Dire Straits, INXS, Sting, Pretenders, Talking Heads, R.E.M., and others. In the Soviet Union, the album is titled "Breakthrough" and is on the state-run Melodia label. The U.S. release will benefit Greenepeace, and the profits from the Soviet release will be divided equally between Greenpeace and the International Foundation for the Survival and Development of Humanity, an East-West think tank established in the Soviet Union in 1988 to address the environmental crisis.

"Might As Well" is a new fanzine out of England. Write them at 121 Park Pl., Amersham, Bucks HP6 6NQ England.

"Ripple" is a new fanzine from Italy, written in English. A very nice effort. Their address is c/o Pasquale Di Bello, via del Saletto 1/4 50142, Firenze Italy. Subscription rates are $35.00 by airmail.

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