Volume #17, Issue #1 -- February 1990


Last summer, I received a number of letters criticizing our coverage of the Dead's Spring Tour. Some readers were "turned off" to the negative coverage. My reaction to the problems that existed during that tour was to spread the word. In the long run, all of the awareness resulted in a better Summer Tour scene.

Now Adam Katz and Patrick Shanahan have died. For the members of our extended family who may not already know, Adam Katz was found dead outside of a Fall Meadowlands show (see Fragments, this issue), and Patrick Shanahan died as a result of alleged brutal treatment by the police outside of the Forum in L.A. These outrages against two of our own have sparked a tremendous surge of complaints against Security Guard harassment at shows on a national level.

Now, how do I handle all of the negative correspondence regarding harassment at shows? I can ignore it (too irresponsible), I can downgrade it (too important), or I can cover it (too risky). I've decided to take the risk.

There is a section in the letter column that I have captioned "Reality." To those readers who don't want to know what is actually happening at shows and in the parking lots, for those interested in the lighter side of the scene, or anyone possessing a sever case of denial: read the words your fellow readers wish to share at your own risk.

At this time, I would like to send a call out to all lawyers willing to take on cases involving hassles at concerts, security, etc. Write: Lawyer c/o Relix, Box 94, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11229.

A reader suggested our policing ourselves. If anyone has any ideas on that subject, please write.

Just remember… watch out for your neighbor. If you see anything unusual or unfair, be a good witness. Get as much information as possible and note details. We must stand up for ourselves and each other. We're all we've got. Onward into the 1990s with a prayer for peace… everywhere!

With love,

Toni A. Brown

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