Volume #17, Issue #2 -- April 1990


We've recently gotten an increase in correspondence from readers concerning show realities and experiences. Many letters were received after this issue was completed. We will run as many as we can next issue. We are very appreciative of all those that want to share their experiences and views with us and other Relix readers. Please write. Even if your letter does not make it to our pages, please know that we read every one, and they all make a difference.

On another note, after ten years we have recently changed printers. You may have noticed some of the changes this has brought about in our last issue (17-1). In that issue, we tried two new types of paper and we were very happy with the improved look. However, with this issue we have taken our changes one step further. In an effort to support the environment, we have switched to recycled paper. We aren't sure how this will affect the cosmetic look of the magazine, but we do know how important this change will be to our future.

In addition, for the past year we have adopted the policy of planting trees with each issue we publish. We hope all of our readers are involved with the inspiration of the nineties -- making the planet a cleaner and greener place for our children. Get involved, read (knowledge is our most effective weapon), watch packaging when you shop, avoid all excesses, and do your best to recycle.

Onward -- with love,

Toni A. Brown

P.S. Next issue (June '90) will be our special Silver Anniversary of the Grateful Dead Summer Issue. We have a great celebration planned. We'll see you then!

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