Volume #17, Issue #4 -- August 1990


What is there to say when a shining star shoots across the night sky and leaves a blazing trail on its way to external sleep?

First there's a gasp, then we grieve at a loss, then we grasp and learn to accept the reality, then we rejoice in the moment we held that shining star in our gaze.

For eleven years, Brent Mydland carved an indelible niche in his keyboard slot with the Grateful Dead. Before our eyes he went on to become a strong frontman, showing us his musical prowess and contributing some of the Dead's best recent material, which he wrote and performed with a depth of soul that the Dead lacked for many years. And though many still considered him a new member of the band, there's no denying that he was an integral part of the success the Grateful Dead have achieved.

Brent, we'll miss you, and we'll never forget you.

Our sincerest condolences go out o Brent's family, friends, and fellow musicians. His family requests that all donations in his honor be made to Greenpeace.

The Grateful Dead mourn the passing of their musical brother and grieve for his family. The band intends to continue touring.

Toni A. Brown

(As this news reached us as we were about to go to press, we had little time to prepare a fitting tribute o Brent Mydland. You will find more on Brent in our October issue.)

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