Volume #17, Issue #4 -- August 1990

Additional Fragments by Toni

FANZINES: Spiral Light is back and now under new leadership. But it continues to perpetuate the Deadheads in Europe following. They should have lots to look forward to, with the imminent Grateful Dead European tour. You can contact Dave and Lorraine Smith at 3/22 Chester Rd., Gloucester, England, for info on Spiral Light.

Join the civil rights movement for the environment! Equal rights for all species -- Earth First! P.O. Box 411233, San Francisco, CA 94121 415-824-3841.

COLLECTIBLES: Susanne White has compiled a book called Psychedelic Collectibles of the 1960s and 1970s: An Illustrated Price Guide. The photos illustrate some of the clothing, jewelry, posters, and other psychedelia that Relix readers still find interesting. The book is published by Chilton Books and should be especially noted by Peter Max fans.

BAD NEWS TRAVELS FAST: The news of the Dead's being banned from the Berkerly campus and Stanford University has made headlines internationally. Bubs Verboon from Sarawak, East Malaysia, read it in the Bangkok Post. Talk about bad news spreading fast.

TV DEAD: On the Arsenio Hall show of April 27, Arsenio said that President Bush had been diagnosed with glaucoma and that the prescription for that ailment is marijuana. So now when Bush walks into a room, "Instead of playing 'Hail to the Chief,' we'll be hearing 'Truckin'.'"

A reader was watching a talk show in Oakland when Jimmy Smits, the hispanic lawyer on L.A. Law was discussing his new movie, "Vital Signs." He said, "I play the Dean of a third year residents at a medical center, but I'm young enough to identify with the students." He listens to the Dead in surgery...

FRACTAL IMAGES: Rock Art Psychedelic Television, featuring the Moody Blues in musical fractile animation is available from Aeon Home Video. For info call 1-800-ROCK-ART. Aeon will commit five percent of your purchase to Plant the Planet Reforestation. Fractal Lumination is a video tape of Fractal graphics: vibrantly colored, swirling images similar to the psychedelic light shows of the '60s and early '70s.

OLD FRIENDS: Pete Sears with Mimi Farina, Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Holly Near, and additional friends appear on Watchfire, distributed by Redwood Records. Sears was a 13-year member of the Jefferson Starship. All the songs on Watchfire are about peace on and with the earth. A share of royalties are donated to various environmental organizations. Send $14 for CD or $11 for Cassette or LP to: 8 Laurel St., Mill Valley, CA 94941.

GRATEFUL FRIENDS: This network of friends began gathering over thirteen years ago, and have done countless good deeds in relocating old friends and finding new ones. Send them you name, address, and telephone number, and what specifically you're looking to accomplish with the network. You can also tell them anything else you'd like to about yourself. Send $10 with two postage stamps to Grateful Friends, P.O. Box 1131, Carmel, NY 19512. Your money is needed at this time to defray costs of running this newsletter.

LET THOSE FINGERS FLY: Henry Kaiser, whose latest album received a 3 1/2 star rating in Rolling Stone (and a glowing review in Relix), finished mixing his latest album, a collaboration with another great guitarist, Richard Thompson. The album is expected to be released this fall by Windham Hill.

NEW ALBUM UPDATES: Bassist Rob Wasserman has spread the word on his album in the works, Trios. Weir and Wasserman met at a Mill Valley Film Festival benefit performance two years ago. For the new release that has just been put into the works, Wasserman has already worked on a song with Jerry Garcia and Edie Brickell, and hopes to include material put together with such writers as Willie Dixon, and Warren Zevon. Wasserman has commitments for other musicians such as Bruce Hornsby, Branford Marsalis, Michelle Shocked, and others.

FILLMORE EAST MEMORIES: R.T. Scaduto is researching a book on the musical history of the Fillmore East. Anyone with any recollections or stories they'd like to share should write to 1639 Jefferson St., Hollywood, FL 33020. The book will be titled Flashback: The Fillmore East 1968-1971.

FESTIVAL: Summer usual means festival time, but afte rlast year, I thought things would slow up a bit. But not by the looks of "Rock N' Rolls Main Event," scheduled for September 1, 2, and 3. The artists already scheduled look like a who's who of the 60's -- Starwberry Alarm Clock, Soul Survivors, Mitch Ryder, and the Detroit Wheels, Grass Roots, Edgar Winter with Rick Derringer, Tokens, Turtles, Platters, Chambers Brothers, Fats Domino, Wolfman Jack, Coasters, Mamas and Papas, Don McLean, John Sebastian, and a dozen or so others. The three-day event will be held in San Bernardino's Glen Helen Regional Park. Tickets will be available through Ticketmaster, Music Plus, and May Co. Promoter Micheal Scafuto has been a participant in various charities and services over the years. Best of luck with this major undertaking.

STRIKE GOLD: Just for the record, the Grateful Dead's So Far and Making of a Touch of Grey videos have both been certified gold.

WHARF RAT: This fellowship of Deadheads who have chosen the Twelve Steps as a daily guide for honest living and spiritual growth are still an important and growing part of our scene. Wharf Rats has grown so large that they've had to break off into regions: East - Box 42, Frenchtown, NJ 08852; Central - 2946 Fairoak Rd., Amelia, OH 45102; and West - Box 1381 Soquel, CA 95073. Their national mailbox is Wharf Rats, Box 248, Manahawkin, NJ 08050. Wharf Rats meet between sets in the hall directly behind the stage, or at an outdoor show, directly to the left of the soundboard (Phil's side) and back. If you can't find them, look for yellow balloons, signs, and a Wharf Rat table. Congratulations to these fine people who have found each other and just keep on dancin'!

TOWN CRIER: Peter Rowan made a recent appearance at the Town Crier in Pawling, NY. This intimate musical environment provides a dinner service earlier in the evening, and later offers an incredible selection of deserts made by the owner's very talented wife. The venue is non-smoking (except in the back bar) and this should probably be appealing to many of the readers I've been hearing from lately. Contact them for their monthly calandar. They feature some great shows. By the way, Peter Rowan was great! Towne Crier Café, 62 Rt 22, Pawling, NY 12564. 914-855-1300.

WETlANDS: Brent Myland was seen hanging around New York's Wetland Preserve on March 31st. He was there to see Blues Traveler, whose new album on A&M Records should be out now.

The Wetlands also featured a psychedelic week in May which included such performers as Henry Kaiser with Tom Constanten and band doing some psychedelic ragtime, and beyond, featuring their outstanding rendition of "Dark Star." The week was capped off with a jamming group made up of Merl Saunders, Steve Kimock (Zero), John Popper (Blues Traveler) and several other excellent musicians.

Relix Records celebrated the new Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen release, Aces High, at the Wetlands.

Many incredible shows find their way into this venue, and owner Larry Bloch and his staff com eup with some winning ideas. We realize there are many other clubs out there and we want to share them with our readers. If you know of any club that has a Deadhead Night, let us know about it, even if it's just a cool place for heads to get together. We hope to showcase this list of venues next issue. Write to Clubs c/o Relix, Box 94, Brooklyn, NY 11229. Have a joyous and safe summer.

Deadheads In Europe: As we go to press, European Grateful Dead tour dates have been confirmed: 10/13 - Stockholm; 10/17 - Essen, Germany; 10/19 - Berlin; 10/22 - Frankfurt; 10/27 - Paris; and 10/30 - London.

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