Volume #18, Issue #2 -- April 1991


A trip to San Francisco set Relix back two weeks of precious editorial time, but it was great seeing old friends in my favorite city. One of the most pleasurable points of the trip was an interview with Vince Welnick, who turned out to be a bright, sensitive person who wakes up each day as through it's Christmas morning. His enthusiasm was catching, and we had a wonderful conversation that we will share with you next issue. Thanks to all the people that attended the Relix gathering. Over 200 old and new friends turned out. Thanks also to Jimbo Juanis for his efforts in making the musical portion of our party an overwhelming success.

We are working on the next stages of our environmental upgrading of Relix magazine. With this issue, Relix is printed on 100% recycled paper, cover to cover. We will begin testing the newest of ink technologies--soy-based inks, which do not leach poisons into the earth like current petroleum based-inks (not that we expect many issues of Relix to find their way to the garbage heap). Relix now reaches over 15 foreign countires, from Asia to New Zealand. You will find Relix on many airport newsstands.

We want to hear from you. If you have anything you'd like to share with your fellow readers, feel free to send it in. They might like your ideas, comments or criticisms. We do have space limitations and sometimes your contributions may not appear. Please know that we read every letter and consider every article, photo, or piece of art that we receive important. So let us know you're out there and what you have to say.

You may have already heard about the Relix 18th Anniversary Party at the Arrowhead Dude Ranch in Parksville, New York, over Memorial Day weekend (May 24-27). This will be the first annual "Tapers' Convention," so come prepared to attend seminars on taping techniques and equipment, trade tapes, dance, and to have a great time. Solar Circus and Midnight Sun are among the scheduled performers. For information on this event, please check the Arrowhead Ranch ad in this issue.

In closing, I want to pass on an eternal prayer for peace throughout the world.


Toni A. Brown

In our rushed enthusiasm to make deadlines, we make occasional errors. I'd like to credit Brian Gold for the beautiful inside back cover of Brent Myland in our Year-End issue (17-6).

Also, apologies to Dave Kalb who wrote the Stackabones article in 18-1 that was mistakenly credited to Danny Kalb (of Blues Project fame and also Dave's cousin)

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