Volume #18, Issue #3 -- June 1991


Welcome to the special summer issue of Relix. You will find many interesting features in this issue. Our country coverage fits nicely with this time of year. Bluegrass is one of the musical roots of Bay Rock. We hope the many exclusive interviews we present here give you some insight into that musical realm.

The highlight of this issue for me was my interview with Vince Welnick. He had just joined the band when we met, and he was filled with enthusiasm at his new position.

Another artist presented in this issue is Joan Osbourne. Though she is still only appearing on a local level, her charismatic stage presence and talent will bring her to national attention shortly. We're pleased to get the word out on Joan first.

Next issue will feature an intensive interview with Grateful Dead soundman Dan Healy. Our conversation ranges from the new Dead release, One From the Vaults, to Egypt, the Wall of Sound, technical sound aspects, and much more.

As we slip into summer, remember to act responsibly at shows. Have a safe and happy summer, and don't get burned.

With love,

Toni A. Brown

Special thanks to William Ruhlmann, Robert Bromberg, Fran Palley, Rick Spanier, and everyone who has contributed to this issue.

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