Volume #18, Issue #4 -- August 1991


I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. It isn't over yet, so get out there and do something you've always wanted to do... just remember to leave only footprints.

As you know, Relix has switched to the use of recycled paper and soy-based inks. We are very proud of these environmentally sound changes. Unfortunately, there are problems that we've come upon. The recycled paper stock we've selected is very porous, and therefore absorbs more ink. Last issue, the wonderful photos by Ed Perlstein were very dark and muddy. Our apologies to him and all of our other photographers.

We will be continuing our efforts to present the best quality magazine in the most environmentally correct way. Our printer has assured us that the problems we came across last issue will not be a concern in the future. We'll try to make sure of that.

In the meantime, enjoy this issue, and we'll see you in October.

Walk in the sunshine...

Toni A. Brown

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