Volume #18, Issue #5 -- October 1991


Dear Readers,

The Grateful Dead have just completed their east coast Fall Tour. OF course, nine sold-out shows at New York's Madison Square Garden brought some interest from the media. After the worst summer for concert attendance in recent memory, promoters and media alike heralded the Grateful Dead as the "recession-proof band." They were the top concert grossers of the summer, topping Paul Simon and doubling Guns N' Roses' earnings. All of this without a new album, and they'd taken July off!

When will they learn -- it's not just a concert, it's an adventure.

Thanks for all the correspondence, folks. It's great to hear from you. We can't use every letter that comes in, but each one is read and considered. We've recently received many letters on our Stevie Ray Vaughan story that cited the wrong date of SRV's death (Vol. 18 #4). Sorry for this obvious oversight.

Our year-end issue is in production. In addition to our regular columns, features include an extensive list of reader's favorite tapes, Grateful Dead photo spreads, the best of the year, a celebration of Deadheads, a tribute to artist Rick Griffin, and much more.

Enjoy the autumn colors for now, they vanish as we gaze. When winter imparts its icy glare, look to the sun's embrace.

As always,

Toni A. Brown

This issue is dedicated to the memory of artist Rick Griffin. His untimely death, due to a motorcycle accident in August, 1991, was a blow to the psychedelic art community. He is missed. We will present a tribute to him next issue.

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