Volume #19, Issue #3 -- June 1992


Art as an expression is a personal upheaval from the depth of one's inner self. We all have visions, but some of us possess the actual ability to dimensionalize scenes that most of us reserve for our secret place of dreams. Those artistic creations are often the most sacred part of the soul taking flight… soaring outward to be seen by others… to be shared.

"Inspiration, move me brightly... Light the song with sense and color; hold away despair" … Terrapin Station, Garcia/Hunter.

The music that touches us through the Grateful Dead has not only spawned an entire sub-culture, it has given birth to some unique inspiration. From vivid dawns to emblazoned night skies, from psychedelic ramblings to metamorphic insights, from idyllic beaches to harsh, cold cities. That which comes from within is art.

Our full-color center spread features some of our artists insights which were inspired by the Deadhead experience. Enjoy some visions from the Relix collection.

As we move into summer, enjoy all the season holds. Stay safe and be cool.

Toni A. Brown

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