Volume #20, Issue #1


            In celebration of our 20th anniversary, we’ll be featuring articles from the earliest issues of Relix. These stories will provide an informative perspective of those times. We hope you enjoy the surprises we hold in store for each issue in 1993. We look forward to sharing this special year with you.

Toni A. Brown


            In 1974, The First Free Underground Tape Exchange gave way to a tape-trader newsletter. Dead Relix was born out of the need for the growing taper audience to realize a broader reach than was possible through word of mouth. As publisher Les Kippel and editor Jerry Moore set off on an enterprising adventure that helped bind a culture together, it became possible for Deadheads to correspond on a national level.

            In 1978, Jeff Tamarkin took over as editor, bringing with him an appreciation for the new musical trends (such as New Wave and “the British Wave”). Such acts as Blondie, The Cars, The Stones and the Blues Brothers graced the covers of what was now referred to as Relix magazine (“Dead” was dropped in an attempt to reach a more diverse audience). However, the Grateful Dead were never abandoned. Every issue included news on the band. Still, the readership of Relix magazine was intent on getting the publication back into focus. Jeff Tamarkin moved on to become editor of Goldmine magazine and Toni Brown became the new editor of Relix.

            Toni brought Relix magazine back to its original focus and has maintained her position as editor and publisher for 14 years.

            Here we are—20 years after the first issue hit the streets. Some things have changed, yet our vision remains clear. Thank you, readers, for giving us light.

            Special thanks go to Les Kippel, the Grateful Dead organization, editor Elizabeth, Heeden, editorial assistant Robert Bromberg, Fran Palley, John Lucchese, Gary Kroman, Steve Kraye, Rick Spanier/Brooklyn Bridge Publications, Bob Minkin, Danielle Weaver, Florence Kippel, Philip Kippel, Gary Kippel, Ronnie Kippel, Mick Skidmore, J.C. Juanis, Jym Fahey, Tierney Smith, Chris Fallo, David Kopel, Dick Wilson, Enis Moran, Cary Krosinsky, Jeff Tamarkin and Barbara Brown. Also, thanks to the many talented people that have contributed to Relix over the years. But especially thanks to all of the musicians who have inspired us to continue the trip. Thank you all for a real good time!

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