Volume #20, Issue #2


††††††††††† My 1993 started off with lots of great music. I spent late January with Hot Tuna on the West Coast and delighted in hearing one of my favorite bands in the intimacy of the Sweetwater in Mill Valley. Catching the Deadís Chinese New Year show was also a treat. And now, Iím anticipating a very special eventóRelix magazineís 20th Anniversary Concert at the Warfield Theater on April 10th. Hot Tuna, Taj Mahal and Solar Circus will be on hand to help orchestrate the festivities. Iím looking forward to sharing this special night with all of my West Coast friends. Itís rare that I get to spend so much time in California, so, needless to say, I couldnít be having a better time.

††††††††††† In this issue, in keeping with our 20th anniversary celebration, you will find excerpts from several Jerry Garcia interviews that we have published over the years. Combined with a tremendous selection of photos and old Relix covers, this is our tribute to a very special musician. Our summer special will include an in-depth tribute to Pigpen (not to be missed) and a Deadheadís summer vacation guide. Our August issue will ship with a reproduction of the very first issue of Dead Relix. (This addition to our regular publication will give you the true perspective of where we actually came from.)

††††††††††† Weíll be at the Bay Rock/Psychedelic Music Expo at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York on Memorial Day weekend (Sunday, May 30th). See you there!

Toni A. Brown

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