Volume #20, Issue #3


            This issue was intended as a Deadhead’s Summer Vacation Guide. We would have liked to share more places of interest with you…but we need your help. If you’ve found some interesting little corner of the world, enjoyed one of the seven wonders or discovered a place in your own backyard, we’d love to share it with our readers. We have continued to run segments like this over the years in our Deadhead’s Guide to the World series. We welcome your input.

            In addition to our next issue, we will include a bonus…a reproduction of the very first issue of Dead Relix magazine. For those of you who weren’t reading the magazine 20 years ago, you’ll enjoy seeing this rudimentary introduction into publishing. The Allman Brothers are our cover story for that issue. They’re doing an intense summer tour, so be sure to catch some of their great shows. The Grateful Dead have also announced their extensive summer tour schedule and the H.O.R.D.E. tour should be underway, so I know we all have a rocking summer ahead of us.

            In celebration of Relix’s 20th anniversary, Hot Tuna, Solar Circus and Taj Mahal played to a packed house at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco. It was a memorable night of music, one I won’t soon forget. It was great to see so many friends. More on the event next issue.

            Have a great summer and remember to act responsibly and respect your brothers and sisters. Be good to yourself and be kind to the earth. See you at the shows.

Toni A. Brown

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