Volume #20, Issue #6


††††††††††† 20 years by any standards is a milestone. When I was in third grade, I wanted to be a writer. My most vivid musings never prepared me for the success I have achieved in my personal goals. Iím working in a filed that I adore, working with great people and reaching an audience that I can truly identify with. To top that all off, Iíve gotten to know many of the musicians Iíve loved listening to and can call them friends.

††††††††††† There are so many people to thankÖall of whom have helped bring us to this day. I donít want to leave anyone out, but space is limited. Most special thanks go to Les Kippel, who started it all and who gave me the encouragement I needed to take charge when he decided to step away from the magazine. To his parents, Philip and Florence Kippel, who supported the early dream, I hold everlasting respect for their memories. I thank my many predecessors, including our first editor Jerry Moore, for keeping Relix alive until I came along. Many thanks to Jeff Tamarkin, whose work I continue to admire and who taught me to work diligently, whatever the circumstance. Thanks to all of my present and past editors, writers, photographers, artists, readers, advertisers and friends for their support. Special thanks to Rick Spanier, the master of layout who weaves a magazine out of all the ďorganicĒ threads heís presented with. Thanks to Gary Kroman for his incredible talents as our award-winning artist. Bob Minkin joined Relix in its earliest years as a staff photographer and Iíve watched him grow from a boy to a man. His abilities continue to make me proud to have him on our team. Mick Skidmore wins the prize for listening to more music than anyone I know. His patience is appreciated. Andy Robble brought the blues to our door and for that I thank him. J.C. Juanis is our valuable West Coast correspondent, keeping us updated on West Coast activities in spite of our logistical differences. Cary Krosinsky is our faithful keeper of the set lists. Claudia Falzarano came onto the scene in the midst of confusion, but makes the best of the verbal jungle we lay before her. Bob Bromberg, always there with his unique perspective, is my left hand. John Grady, a recent addition to our staff, has shown me the way through Windows and I will forever be in his debt. Adrienne Zunigaís invaluable assistance keeps the paper flowing. I also think Jym Fahey for those broad shoulders that Iíve had to lean on so often. Thanks to the many other contributors that help bring each issue of Relix to you and thank you, readers, for giving us purpose.

††††††††††† I couldnít end this editorial without thanking all of the musicians that have inspired me to keep going. My most heartfelt appreciation goes to the Grateful Dead, who showed me, at a very early age, that you can be anything you want to be and that with love in the dream, it will all come true. Robert Hunter, thanks for the many words to live by.

With love and thanks to all,
Toni A. Brown, Publisher

P.S.: Hope your holidays are filled with music and may the new year bring us all peace.

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