Volume #21, Issue #1


            The deeper I delved into the subject of mandatory minimum drug sentencing and carrier weight injustices, the more appalled I became. Not only are the current laws unjust, but there is a marked discrimination against Deadheads in the “War on Drugs”. Musical preferences and lifestyles are being used as evidence against drug offenders. More people are serving extensive prison terms for non-violent drug offenses than ever before. That number is growing daily.

            Let’s join in making our voices heard above the political battle cries. We are not here to advocate drug us, but to have laws changed, so that criminal sentences fit the crimes. Read the material presented in this issue and pass the information on. This is a plight that affects everyone on some level.

            The war is getting closer to home, so arm yourselves with pens and write your congressmen now. Join FAMM—the pioneers in this fight. Your donations will help keep its voice strong.

            While you fight the battle outside, don’t forget about the prisoners doing time inside. Find the list of incarcerated Deadheads in this issue and write them! We’ll continue to list names and addresses of Deadheads behind bars and will provide an ongoing forum for them.

            I’ve received dozens of in-depth letters from incarcerated Deadheads and have never been more passionately moved to help bring about change. We can and will make a difference.

            Let’s enter 1994 with the optimistic conviction to make this a better world to live in.

                                                                                                With love,
Toni A. Brown, Publisher

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