Volume #21, Issue #6


            When the first 1994 issue of Relix hit the stands, I didn’t realize what our coverage of Deadheads serving mandatory minimum sentences would go on to achieve. That issue was the catalyst for a continuing blitz by the media of the plight of Deadheads serving outrageous sentences for non-violent first-time drug offenses. That issue was sent to hundreds of media contacts and the results are still rolling in. CNN, MTV, Rolling Stone and Details magazines, nationally situated newspapers, radio and television have all given support to the subject. Public education and the subsequent outcry are our only hopes of winning back our freedom and our rights.

            The summer of ’94 brought back the enthusiasm of live concert-going. The Woodstock anniversary and several reunion tours provided enough excitement to revive the recently-sluggish concert industry.

            This issue of Relix is accompanied by Hittin’ the Note, the Allman Brothers’ authorized newsletter. In light of the great music the Allmans have been turning out, we’re happy to introduce our readers to this great fanzine. We know you’ll enjoy it.

            Next year, the Grateful Dead will be celebrating its 30th anniversary. (Who weren’t we supposed to trust over the age of 30?) We’ll be pulling out the stops to give this anniversary the attention it deserves. Don’t miss our Summer Special in June.

            Keep the correspondence coming in. You are the reason we’re here. Feel free to send us your stories—experiences on the road, cosmic happenings, first shows, travel advice or anything you might like to share with other Relix readers. We look forward to hearing from you.

            Enjoy the holiday season. Be good to the earth and kind to your brothers and sisters. Finally…just listen to the music play.

            I’d like to thank my associate editors, John Grady, Phyllis Antoniello and Claudia Falzarano for their dedication. Sincere gratitude to Rick Spanier for his patience and layout expertise Renee Meyer for her design talents and thanks to all of the writers, photographers, artists and contributors to Relix.

Happy holidays…with love,

Toni A. Brown, Publisher

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