Volume #22, Issue #2


     Went to the West Coast and caught bronchitis on the way! So, the highlight of my trip came at the very end of my stay when the Grateful Dead's first show at Oakland Coliseum turned into a fun-filled night, well worth the trip. The Teleprompters really helped…how else could the band pull off Dylan's "Visions of Johanna" with nary a glitch?

     Having been raised on the band beyond description's improvisational principles, my initial response to the Dead's addition of Teleprompters was less than enthusiastic. But in light of the lyrical potential yet to be expanded upon, it's only fair to look at the addition as yet another technical advancement for the Grateful Dead. Onward through the fog.

     The Dead continue to work on their next album, but no release plans are set. The new material has really shaped up in concert, making it obvious that work is going on in the studio. Of exceptional note is the fine-tuning of Vince Welnick's "Way to Go Home", a sure-fire winner.

     Keep an ear out for the many bands that will be hitting the road this spring and summer. The Grateful Dead's summer and fall itineraries are pretty much in place, Phish begins touring in June, the David Nelson Band and Zero start their tours in late spring. The intermission is over for the Allman Brothers-Second Set, part two of the Allmans' live release on Epic records, is due out in April. A theater tour kicks off that month and their summer tour starts in late June. Solar Circus will be touring nationally. Little Feat will be touring this spring in support of their new album. H.O.R.D.E. plans weren't announced at press time, but expect a sizzling line-up of great acts. A listing of band's concert hotlines appears elsewhere in this issue, so use it to help plan your concert going. See you at the shows.

     Next issue is our Summer Special. From our exquisite cover to the many surprises we have planned, we know you'll enjoy this one. Our Deadhead's Summer Vacation Guide will continue our ongoing recommended travel itinerary and the Grateful Dead's 30th anniversary will be celebrated with a full-blown extravaganza.

     Get out and enjoy the fresh air, but be aware of what's happening around you. Be kind to your brothers and sisters and our environment. Also, please take a minute to write to an incarcerated Deadhead. Share your light with them…it's dark behind those walls.

Till next time, love,
Toni A. Brown, Publisher

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