Volume #22, Issue #5


     I woke up one day and life as I'd known it ceased to exist. The planet was thrown off its axis in a way I'd never imagined. For such an inevitable occurrence, why were we so unprepared for the loss of Jerry Garcia?

     The depth of sorrow I felt initially was nothing compared to the feelings that well up in men when I think about the future. At no time have I ever felt more closely linked with so many people. Our little society was shaken at its very foundation and we all share the same agony. So many things will never be the same.

     My life has taken on some kind of urgency to accomplish all the things still to be done. Probably, the single most important thing I can do is to keep Relix alive. No, the Grateful Dead wasn't our only focus, but it was our main focus. Everything we've ever published had the same defining factor-it had to be of interest to the Deadhead community. We will maintain that vision and, as we heal, we will grow. The Deadhead community is alive and well and living in the hearts of each of us. With the knowledge that we will survive, we can look into the future. We have a culture to perpetuate. Let's get to work and spread the light.

     Now, let me explain why Jerry Garcia is not on this cover. This issue was nearly completed when the news hit. Garcia was on the then current cover (Relix August Vol. 22 No. 4). That issue featured a recent interview with Garcia by David Jay Brown and Rebecca Novick that said it all and I thank the interviewers for getting Jerry to open up about so many things. That feature helped many people get through a very tough time by bringing Jerry, the man, more into focus.

     After searching my heart for days, I decided to leave the majority of the issue you hold before you intact. So, Phish remains our cover story. To change covers seemed almost exploitive since we had just featured him. We share many readers' tributes to Garcia here. The December issue, normally our Year-End Special, will be a very special edition of Relix. We will commemorate Jerry Garcia and 30 years of the Grateful Dead in an extended issue.

     It has been an overwhelming time of loss for us all.

     It is time to go forward and make the future bright.
     Our beacon may be gone, but we have no excuse-it's up to us to shed the light.
     And as our paths wind out before us, keep in mind it all starts and ends with you.
     Garcia's up in heaven and there's so much for us to do.
     Remember the good times. You can dwell on the past.
     Take yesterday into tomorrow, just make your feelings last.

     Live each day fully and make every moment count. We are still the eyes of the world.

In peace, love and light, always your companion,
Toni A. Brown, Publisher

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