Volume #22, Issue #6


            This issue would ordinarily have been our Year-End Special. With the passing of Jerry Garcia, all plans were washed away with tears. The outpouring of mail and poetry that has crossed my desk has made every day an emotional journey. Things just won’t be the same.

            When it came down at planning this issue as a tribute to Jerry and 30 years of the Grateful Dead, my first attempt as structure was, “Where do I begin and where do I end?” That thought led to the realization that we (Relix) began in 1974 and the end is nowhere in sight! As long as there’s one last ounce of energy left to put a tape in the machine, as long as there’s the desire to shake those bones, as long as there’s one more lyrics to quote…there is no end.

            What lies ahead is the need to perpetuate all that we have come to know. We are who we are because of something far more spiritual than a message sung in tune. The magic was far stronger than most ever realized—through the loss and sorrow, we will survive. And our experiences are important enough in the great scheme of things to pass on to our children in the form of enlightened knowledge. We were gifted…we had so much time to gather the roses, to smell them, watch them grow and, sadly, to watch them wither and die. But the rose bush is strong and already new blossoms form. Cherish the plant for from it will come tomorrow’s beauty.

            This issue is more than a tribute; this issue is a celebration of something spectacularly special to so many people. Our lives are testaments of that celebration. Every inner smile, every star gazed upon, every cherished moment all comes back to an inner happiness that grew out of a musical environment that we were fortunate to be a part of. Our future will be a continuous celebration of all that the Grateful Dead has given us and all that we’ll continue to get from its inspiration and future projects.

            I’ve always worked in a very “organic” way when preparing an issue of Relix. Like some jigsaw puzzle with a mind of its own, each issue has miraculously come together under my hand. The inspiration behind every fibre of every edition is no longer there to light my way, so through a hazy fog of determination, I delved into this Year-End issue. My grieving has not ended. With every new comment imparted by a reader or musical associate or friend, more insight appears before me.

            Relix has always been a magazine for its readers. I’ve encouraged your correspondence and I welcome your input now. My intentions are to follow the same path we always have. The Grateful Dead is alive and well and living inside each of us. They have imparted an incredible wealth of inspiration, igniting a profusion of new music to listen to.

            Included in this issue are readers’ thoughts and tributes, as well as messages from Jerry Garcia’s musical contemporaries. I felt that sharing the Grateful Dead’s history through a photo montage might say more than another historical retrospective (we’ve run so many in the past). Relix is fortunate to have been part of the scene for so long that its resources are vast. We have carefully looked through our archives for special photos representative of another time’s forgotten space. You may have seen some of these images before, but we thought it fitting to present them in this special collection that we are happy to share with you, our readers. We will continue to bring you many rare and exclusive glimpses into the Grateful Dead’s past and future.

            The bus is under repair. It will be rolling again soon and I know we’re all going to be on board for the next event!

Onward through the fog…

Love and best wishes for a New Year filled with peace and music,
Toni A. Brown, Publisher

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