Volume #24, Issue #1


Happy New Year!

     1997…Time to greet a new year with optimistic intentions. I don't mean the going on a diet resolutions. It's more of an excuse to start a clean slate on a spiritual level. I hope 1997 brings all the things you want for yourselves.

      Court TV kept me tuning into the Garcia vs. Garcia case in spite of the often tedious details. The trial lasted several weeks, giving us more of a glimpse into Jerry Garcia's personal life than we may have wanted. Garcia's widow, Deborah Koons Garcia, is trying to keep Carolyn "Mountain Girl" Garcia from getting the settlement she and Jerry made when they divorced. The appearance of Phil Lesh as a witness was a bright spot in the proceedings with his humorous responses to the barrage of questions. With Deadbase in hand, Lesh smiled his way through the irony. More on this case next issue.

      Happy news-the Wetlands Preserve will remain open. This special club that so many Deadheads have called home, opened by Larry Bloch in 1989, has come under new management. The Wetlands will continue to provide a quality location to gather where you can hear some of the best music there is. Environmental involvement will endure as a focus of the club. So, when you're in New York City, come by Wetlands. You'll have a great time with like-minded souls.

      Soapbox time: The issue of Medical Marijuana Reform is no new subject to Relix readers. The new law gives doctors the authority to prescribe marijuana for a variety of ailments. The law passed in both California and Arizona and New York is considering putting it to a vote. However, the government is trying to take the states' rights away by enforcing Federal legislation on doctors who prescribe marijuana for medical use. For those that thought the battle was won when these laws were passed, rethink the strategy. A precedent has been set. Take this opportunity to research the subject and fight for the overall reform of marijuana laws. It's the first step in abolishing the archaic "Drug Wars" system.

     Next year will mark the 25th anniversary of Relix! We are already planning several events and lots of special surprises. I'm looking forward to sharing this milestone event with you.

     Continue to send us info on bands, clubs, radio stations and events in your neck of the woods so we can share the news. Get out there and support your local live music scene. The bands need your support-and at the same time, you'll feel so good!

In love and light,
Toni A. Brown, Publisher

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