Volume #24, Issue #2


     Things took on a different hue in recent months and the forced optimism that colored my life was fading. So, I rolled up my sleeves and went in search if where the continuing road of my existence was going to take me.

     It didn't take long to discover that the likely root of my depression was the lack of Grateful Dead shows-no brilliant flash of enlightenment during an extended jam to ignite my imagination. I wasn't out there connecting with the people that had become my extended family. I'd sought solace in playing music, but this put me on stage instead of in the audience, where I'd always felt so at home. With a little effort, I got off my butt and went to some concerts. It helped a bit. Then I got to talking to other Deadheads and realized there was an entirely positive scene still thriving out there. And even more incredible was that many of the Heads I spoke to were so young. Some hadn't even been to a show, yet their spirit and vitality were omnipresent.

     Writing the cover story on Deadheads was therapeutic for me-I got to spill some of my life's views onto paper and knowing that other people were feeling as bewildered and lost as me helped put it into perspective. We have etched our place in history and death cannot undo an entire culture. We lost Jerry Garcia and subsequently the Dead as a touring entity, but the smoke has settled and we're still here. What to do next? EVERYTHING! Seek out your next adventure and live it!

Toni A. Brown, Publisher

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