Volume #25, Issue #2


            Any jazz inspiration I got, I got through the back-handed delivery of the Grateful Dead. Its improvisational techniques and avant garde approach to sound disguised many forms of music, making it all one palatable and digestible barrage. Unwittingly, we were fed a unique blend of so many styles that we came away open-minded and accepting of any music that was intelligent and well-delivered. And so began my dance in the world of jazz.

            My most profound step into the wonderfully loose, yet ardently-charged jazz scene was via Joe Gallant and Illuminati. I found myself on stage with 18 enthralling musicians, immersed in a kaleidoscopic world where sound came in colors. Here, dynamics were of intrinsic importance—subtlety was meshed against assault and it lived and breathed like nothing I’d ever experienced before. Each player in the Illuminati orchestra gave me new insight into the intensity of jazz. And though Gallant added a rich undercurrent of rock to his array, the essence that was jazz shone through in sparkling vividness. I grokked it. Something so intangibly imbedded in my musical psyche became strikingly clear. I actually liked jazz.

            Coming to a musical idiom so late in its existence left me confused as to where to start my exploration. I wondered if Relix readers were going through similar awakenings. Hence, the inspiration for this issue. There remains boundless ground to cover, but we’ve touched on the basics. Check out the limitless jazz offerings that are available.

            We’re bouncing through our 25th anniversary. Thanks to all of the kind folks who’ve sent their wishes and stories on how Relix has played a role in their lives. We continue to look forward to hearing from you.

            Next issue will be our Summer Special. We’ll celebrate our anniversary with a section devoted to tapers. Other features include our Deadhead Summer Vacation Guide, interviews, reviews, news and special photos and artwork. We’ll provide you with as many upcoming summer concert events as we can document.

            As always, we look forward to hearing from you. Please write me c/o Relix, P.O. Box 94, Brooklyn, New York 11229. E-mail me at Relixedit@aol.com. Check out our website at www.Relix.com.

            The cover of this issue was done by Gary Kroman from a concept by Les Kippel, which was inspired by Gene Kelly’s classic role in the film, Singing in the Rain. April showers bring May flowers. I hope all your showers lead to rainbows and all your flowers come in colors.

In peace, love and light,
Toni Brown, Publisher
Relix Magazine

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