Volume #26, Issue #6


All the years combine, they melt into a dream…

      This year moved in vivid colors for me. Swift and intense, each day was filled with rainbows and magic. The circus was there wherever my travels took me. Throwing myself into the midst of a dozen summer gatherings was just what I needed to fill the gaping hole of loneliness left by the demise of the Grateful Dead. The future's here, we are it…but we're not on our own. We're in it together. Together we dance, laugh and fly.

      There has been so much music going on, it's become dizzying trying to keep up with it all. It's become impossible to cover every event, chronicle every festival and attend more than a sample of musical gatherings. But in our pages, you will find our continuing reviews and concert photo spreads to help rekindle memories and pique your interest for next year.

      Life comes in colors, real and multi-dimensional. And magic is there for any who care to become part of it. There's so much to share, so much to pass on. With time working against us, we have to make every moment count. Yes, smell the roses, as you skip by to the next thing of beauty. No time to linger-just keep your spirit moving. Grasp it all and grow.

      A bit timidly, we face the prospect of a new millennium. It sounds so threatening-so vast and boundless. Something we know we'll never see the other side of. But we are the ones who will plant the seeds that will continue to thrive. Be gentle with our planet and with each other.

      In closing, the precious gifts we carry into the future include the music, the inspiration and the spirit with which to enjoy all of life's beauty. Embrace and cherish every wonderful moment and become part of tomorrow.

     See you next year!

May your holidays be bright and your new year filled with peace, love and light,
Toni A. Brown, Publisher
Relix Magazine

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