Volume #27, Issue #1


            I usually insert my editorial into Relix after everything else has been put in place. This gives me an opportunity to wait until the last moment for any earth-shattering news that may come up. Midnight came on December 31st, 1999 and we slipped into a new year. Amid great fanfare, we welcomed the 21st century. With it came introspection, retrospect, humility and quite a bit of optimism. The future’s here, we are it! But we’re not on our own.

            We are a community. And like any social structure, there are things that need tending and looking after. First, we have to address the frailty of the planet and continue to deal with matters on an environmental front. Tread gently, leave only footprints and, by all means, take advantage of the beauty that surrounds you.

            On a more personal note, we have to face the fact that there is no longer a Grateful Dead touring entity. But we, the army of Deadheads, continue to march into the new millennium, outfitted with music, loaded with love. And the musical legacy rings strong and true through the bands that continue to carry the beat. There is no lack of musical stimulation from any direction.

            It is important that we continue to fly our true colors. Be proud of who you are and speak of your experiences. The hippie subculture thrives in many hearts. Revel in your enlightenment and be sure to pass it on.

            The coming summer promises many opportunities to gather. Festivals are being planned and music will echo from every corner of the land. Let us know about any events happening in your area, so we can share the news with your fellow readers.

            At the end of this issue, you’ll find a survey. We haven’t imposed on you in quite some time, so please take this opportunity to let us know who you are and what you think.

Welcome to the 21st century!

In peace, love and light,

Toni Brown, Publisher, Relix

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