Volume #27, Issue #6


     Every time I sit down to write a year-end editorial, it astounds me to discover that another 365 days has passed. Where does the time go?

    When Phish announced a hiatus, fans were stunned. It's been a lot of fun, but 17 years of touring, recording and all the demands of the road seem to have pushed the successful roving phenomenon into needing some undetermined time off. With its absence, the road will be more widely open to the rest of the jam-band scene. The money and energy surrounding past Phish tours will now be available to support the overall music industry. Hopefully, the members of Phish will find the time to experiment in outside endeavors as they have occasionally done in the past.

      It's been interesting to watch the evolution of the music scene. As we age, some continue to do the dance while others get caught up in life's inevitable responsibilities. But more often than not, the music lover within re-emerges. Next thing you know, the kids are joining in, and the multi-generational spin has become obvious.

     Young fans enter the scene with invigoration and enthusiasm. They bring new ideas and fresh approaches to the "same old thing." At one time, Relix classifieds were the only way to find fellow tape traders. Now, a simple search of the Internet gives you the entire world at the touch of a button. Recently, I came upon a Website that had a choice of dozens of live shows to download. If Les Kippel had any inkling when he started Relix that tape trading would morph into such a tremendous industry, he would have been awe-struck. Well, in fact, he is, and so am I.

     Word has it that the Grateful Dead has sold its vault and the new owners intend to make entire shows available via the Internet. Amazing. Just sit at home and burn those CDs! A legacy of music is waiting to be passed down. But don't go spending all your time indoors! At every turn, there's a live musical gathering needing your energy. Pick out some favorite venues-there are lots of them. I've spent quite a bit of time at Sterling Stage Kampitheater in Oswego, New York and Sunshine Daydream Campground in Terra Alta, West Virginia. Let us know what some of your favorite concert sites and festivals are so we can pass on the word.

     Another winter is peeking through the barren trees. Let good music keep you warm this season. Rest up-before you know it, spring will be back and we'll be skipping barefooted through lily fields again.

     Coming Next Year: Exclusive interviews with the Disco Biscuits, Bob Weir, Bruce Hornsby, Little Feat, Dark Starr Orchestra, moe., Keller Williams, Juggling Suns and much, much more.

     Hope your holidays are filled with the magic of music. Here's to the approach of 2001-a musical space odyssey!

In peace, love and light,
Toni A. Brown, Publisher

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