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[ ART031 ]
Title: Breakfast in Bed
Artist: Gary Kroman
Notes: Breakfast In Bed With The Dead used as a full page, full color image in Relix.
Item: ART031
[ ART032 ]
Title: Play Dead
Artist: Gary Kroman
Notes: This artwork was inspired by Scott Boldt and reworked by Gary Kroman. It was used as a full page, full color image and became the Relix Records logo.
Item: ART032
[ ART033 ]
Title: Vanessa and Jorma Kaukonen
Artist: Gary Kroman
Notes: This portrait of Vanessa and Jorma Kaukonen was done by Gary Kroman, but was never used.
Item: ART033
[ ART034 ]
Title: Grateful Dead Eagle
Artist: Gary Kroman
Notes: Grateful Dead Eagle used as a Year-end cover of Relix. Artwork by Gary Kroman, and inspired by his original artwork from Vol. 3 #4.
Item: ART034
[ ART035 ]
Title: Jerry Garcia Among the Clouds
Artist: Gary Kroman
Notes: Jerry Garcia walks amongst the clouds.
Item: ART035
[ ART036 ]

Title: Dead Deal
Artist: Gary Kroman
Notes: Vol. 20 # 6. This was the Silver Anniversary of Relix issue, featuring a silver prismatic background behind the artwork by Gary Kroman.
Item: ART036

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