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Image - I-1
Notes: The second cover of Dead Relix was illustrated by the editor of the day, Jerry Moore.
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Image - I-2
Notes: The Grateful Dead's trip to Egypt in 1978 was an inspiration for many illustrations. In fact, the issue that featured the tour was one of the first issues of Relix to sell out (Vol. 6 #1 with Bob Weir in front of the Pyramids). Gary Kroman did this fantastic piece during that time for use in the magazine.
Item: I-2
Image - I-3
Notes: Stanley Mouse did the original of this art for the Grateful Dead, but we needed a black and white piece for use in the magazine, relating historically to the Dead’s trip to Egypt. Gary Kroman pulled this together for us.
Item: I-3
Image - I-4
Notes: The Cajun anthem, “Iko, Iko,” was being played by the Grateful Dead and became very popular as a catch-phrase. Unfortunately, no one knew how to spell it, so the early spelling was Aiko, Aiko. This illustration, done by Michael Wysochansky, was a favorite. It went into the magazine as an illustration, and it was used as sticker and t-shirt art as well.
Item: I-4
Image - I-5
Notes: Toni was looking for a piece of art to use on the letter pages of Relix, and she fell in love with this illustration. Michael Wysochansky was the illustrator. It was used for many years to introduce the very popular letters column.
Item: I-5
Image - I-6
Notes: Scott Boldt contributed many cool, eye-catching illustrations to the magazine. His art appeared often.
Item: I-6
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