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Image - I-13
Notes: This Merman Garcia by Gary Kroman was the rough sketch he submitted for approval for a cover assignment. Awesome, eh?
Item: I-13
Image - I-14
Notes: Scott Boldt submitted the original Play Dead illustration which was later reworked, becoming the “Play Relix” Relix Records logo.
Item: I-14
Image - I-15
Notes: This is called a layout board, which was used for final printing of the magazine. (Yeah, back in the old days before computers.) Here is a Grateful Dead Crossword Puzzle and Wordsearch, both done by Barbara Wunder Black.
Item: I-15
Image - I-16
Notes: When Jerry Garcia died in August, 1995, it was a tragic and sorrowful time for us, our readers, and the world. David Rea sent in this wonderful drawing which said so much. The Lonely Guitar.
Item: I-16
Image - I-17
Notes: When this piece came in following Garcia’s death, seeing the padlock on Terrapin Station was like a knife in the heart. It was done by Wilson.
Item: I-17
Image - I-18
Notes: In an effort to try something different, we printed postcards to remind readers it was time to renew their subscriptions. This is an uncut postcard sheet.
Item: I-18
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