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Contemporary Resort

This album contains photos from Disney's Contemporary Resort.

Contemporary Resort

Title: Mickey & Stokowski
Caption: A statue of Mickey and Leopold Stokowski in the lobby.

Title: Food & Fun Center Entrance
Caption: The entrance to the Food & Fun Center.

Title: Concourse Tile Mural
Caption: The tile mural in the Grand Canyon Concourse.

Title: Display
Caption: A display featuring a model of the Tower of the Four Winds.

Title: Display Window
Caption: A display window depicting the hotel and a monorail.

Title: Sorcerer Mickey
Caption: Sorcerer Mickey in the "Fantasia" store.

Title: Fantasia Ceiling Mural
Caption: The ceiling mural above Mickey in the "Fantasia" store.

Title: Mickey Light Window

Caption: The following shots are from "Chef Mickey's".

Title: Monorail
Caption: A monorail entering the hotel.

Caption: The following are shots of the Contemporary North Wing.

Title: Racquet Club Building

Caption: Now, some shots of the Contemporary's parking lots.

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