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Tiki Room: Under New Management

This album contains photos from the Magic Kingdom theater show attraction, "The Enchanted Tiki Room: Under New Management".

Tiki Room: Under New Management

Title: Next Show Clock
Caption: The next show will be starting in 2 minutes.

Title: Pre-Show Area

Title: Pre-Show Area at Night

Title: Hina Kaluua
Caption: Hina Kaluua: Goddess of Rain.

Title: Pele
Caption: Pele: Goddess of Fire and Volcanoes.

Title: Pre-Show
Caption: The pre-show hosted by William & Morris, Iago and Zazu's agents.

Title: Cast Members Only

Title: Jose
Caption: Jose: the show's emcee.

Title: Michael
Caption: Michael: the show's 2nd emcee.

Title: Pierre
Caption: Pierre: the show's 3rd emcee.

Title: Fritz
Caption: Fritz: the show's 4th emcee.

Title: Red Toucan

Title: Blue & Green Birds

Title: Green & Purple Cockatoos

Title: Green Cockatoo

Title: Tiny Birds

Title: Macaw

Title: Blue Toucan

Title: Singing Flowers

Title: Birds of Paradise

Title: Tiki Masks

Title: Window Background
Caption: The background that appears in one of the windows.

Title: Iago
Caption: Iago, one of the Tiki Room's new owners.

Title: Zazu
Caption: Zazu, the Tiki Room's other new owner.

Title: Uhoa!
Caption: Uhoa, the Tiki Goddess of Disaster!

Title: Iago Injured
Caption: Iago, as he appears at the end of the show.

Title: Birdmobile

Title: Theater Doors

Title: AutoMAGIC Doors!

Title: Exit Only, Please

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