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Haunted Mansion

This album contains photos from the Magic Kingdom attraction "The Haunted Mansion".

Haunted Mansion

Title: Sign

Title: Wait Time Sign

Title: Warning Sign

Title: Horseshoe Prints

Title: Hearse
Caption: We pass a hearse pulled by an invisible horse as we enter.

Title: Tombstone #1
Caption: We pass tombstones with humorous epitaphs while waiting in line.

Title: Tombstone #2

Title: Tombstone #3

Title: Tombstone #4

Title: Tombstone #5

Title: Tombstone #6

Title: Tombstone #7

Title: Tombstone #8

Title: Tombstone #9

Title: Tombstone #10

Title: Tombstone #11

Title: Tombstone #12

Title: Tombstone #13
Caption: This tombstone actually moves its head and opens its eyes!

Title: Doors
Caption: Waiting to enter the mansion.

Title: Foyer
Caption: The portrait changes as the Ghost Host welcomes us.

Title: Stretching Room, Part 1
Caption: Ghost Host: "Is this haunted room actually stretching?"

Title: Stretching Room, Part 2
Caption: Ghost Host: "This chamber has no windows and no doors."

Title: Doom Buggies Arrive
Caption: Doom Buggies arrive to take us through the mansion.

Title: Portrait Hallway, Part 1
Caption: After boarding our Doom Buggies...

Title: Portrait Hallway, Part 2
Caption: ...we pass down a hallway lined with spooky portraits...

Title: Portrait Hallway, Part 3
Caption: ...who just can't seem to take their eyes off of us!

Title: Portrait Hallway, Part 4

Title: Portrait Hallway, Part 5

Title: Library, Part 1
Caption: Leaving the hallway, we enter the mansion's library.

Title: Library, Part 2
Caption: Even those busts are following our every move!

Title: Library, Part 3

Title: Music Room
Caption: A shadowy figure on the floor plays this piano.

Title: Start of Staircase Climb
Caption: We pass this brass gryphon as we start to ascend the stairs.

Title: Spider & Web #1

Title: Spider & Web #2

Title: Suit of Armor
Caption: This suit of armor actually comes alive and moves!

Title: Endless Hallway

Title: Mansion Chair
Caption: The face on this chair is a "Hidden Donald"!

Title: Conservatory
Caption: Corpse in Coffin: "Let me out of here, let me out of here..."

Title: Tomb Sweet Tomb

Title: Breathing Door
Caption: We pass down a corridor of doors that seem to come alive.

Title: Door with Hands
Caption: The last door in the corridor of doors.

Title: 13 Hours Clock
Caption: A grandfather clock with 13 hours instead of 12!

Title: Seance Room
Caption: Madame Leota summons spirits in the seance room.

Title: Attic, Part 1

Title: Attic, Part 2
Caption: The attic is infested with shrieking pop-up ghouls...

Title: Attic, Part 3
Caption: ...and lots of dusty old knick-knacks and stuff.

Title: Bride
Caption: This ghostly bride greets us as we leave the attic.

Title: Raven on Tree Branch
Caption: The raven appears on a branch as we descend to the graveyard.

Title: Caretaker & Dog
Caption: The terrified graveyard caretaker and his dog.

Title: Singing Busts

Title: Raven Above Crypt
Caption: The raven appears one last time...on top of the crypt entrance.

Title: Little Leota
Caption: Leota: "Hurry back. Be sure to bring your death certificate."

Title: Torch

Title: Mausoleum, Part 1
Caption: We pass a mausoleum as we exit the mansion.

Title: Mausoleum, Part 2

Title: Mausoleum, Part 3

Title: Bluebeard & Wives Tombs
Caption: Bluebeard and his 7 wives lie here.

Title: Servants' Quarters

Title: Pet Cemetery

Title: Mr. Toad Tombstone
Caption: The hidden Mr. Toad tombstone in the pet cemetery.

Title: Exit Sign

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