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Flower & Garden Festival (2006)

This album contains photos from the 2006 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival.

Flower & Garden Festival (2006)

Title: Donald & Daisy Topiaries, Part 1

Title: Donald & Daisy Topiaries, Part 2

Title: Banner

Title: Cinderella & Prince Topiaries

Caption: Here are flower reproductions of the new Disney Couples stamps.

Title: Golf Course, Part 1

Title: Golf Course, Part 2

Title: Greenhouse Minnie
Caption: A "Hidden Minnie" that they placed in The Land's greenhouses.

Title: Snow White & Dopey Topiaries

Title: Bambi & Thumper Topiaries

Title: Mickey & Minnie Topiaries

Title: Lady & the Tramp Topiaries

Title: Belle & Beast Topiaries

Title: Dwarf Topiaries

Title: American Star Topiary

Title: Japan Garden Fountain

Title: France Topiaries

Title: Pooh Topiary

Caption: The following shots are from "Tinker Bell's Fairy Garden".

Title: Stitch & Heart Topiaries

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