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Other WDW Character Photos

This album contains other character-related photos that I took at WDW.

Other WDW Character Photos

Title: Darth Vader & Stormtrooper
Caption: Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper look down upon Star Tours' queue.

Title: Step-Family Photo Spot
Caption: Photo location set up for Cinderella's Step-Family.

Title: Group Photo #1
Caption: The first of 7 group photos taken at the Castle stage.

Title: Group Photo #2

Title: Group Photo #3

Title: Group Photo #4

Title: Group Photo #5

Title: Group Photo #6

Title: Group Photo #7

Title: Kim Possible Photo Location

Title: Kim Possible Appearance Times

Title: Character Bus, Part 1
Caption: Epcot's now-defunct "Disney Characters on Holiday" bus.

Title: Character Bus, Part 2

Title: Character Bus, Part 3

Title: Character Bus, Part 4

Title: Xmas Character Bus
Caption: The Disney Characters on Holiday bus decorated for Christmas.

Title: Chicken Little Photo Spot
Caption: Chicken & Abby's old photo spot. Note the fallen piece of sky.

Title: Little Einsteins Trailer

Title: Brer Rabbit's Face
Caption: A close-up of Brer Rabbit's face.

Title: Big Al's Face
Caption: A close-up of Big Al's face.

Title: Power Rangers Appearance Times

Title: Power Rangers Car
Caption: The Power Rangers in their car.

Title: Power Rangers Car (Back)
Caption: The back of the Power Rangers car. Note the Hidden Mickey.

Title: Snow White Photo Op
Caption: Me with Snow White at her photo op in the Expo Hall.

Title: Genie (Old)
Caption: The original Genie

Title: Jiminy Cricket (Old)
Caption: The original Jiminy Cricket.

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