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Share a Dream Come True Parade

This album contains photos from the "Share a Dream Come True Parade", which was the Magic Kingdom's regular daytime procession from 2001-2006.

It was transformed into "Disney's Dreams Come True Parade" in 2006.

Share a Dream Come True Parade

Title: Parade Logo, Part 1
Caption: A young Walt Disney rides the parade's logo float.

Title: Parade Logo, Part 2

Title: Dancers
Caption: Dancers dressed as studio artists and workers dance and frolic.

Title: Dancing Artists

Title: Dancing Artist & Sweeper

Title: Mickey Float, Part 1
Caption: Our first float comes into view, featuring Mickey Mouse.

Title: Mickey Float, Part 2
Caption: Statues of Mickey's various film incarnations can be seen.

Title: Mickey Float, Part 3

Title: Brooms
Caption: The Brooms from "Fantasia" march and dance.

Title: Foulfellow, Gideon & Donkey Boys
Caption: Foulfellow, Gideon and the Donkey Boys entertain us.

Title: Donkey Boys & Gideon

Title: Pinocchio & Friends
Caption: Our next float appears, carrying the Blue Fairy, Geppetto,...

Title: Pinocchio & Friends, Part 2
Caption: ...Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, Figaro and Cleo.

Title: Happy & Grumpy
Caption: Happy waves to the crowds while Grumpy plays his organ.

Title: Doc
Caption: Doc rides the float while strumming a mandolin.

Title: Snow White
Caption: Snow White blows a kiss.

Title: Dancing Dwarfs
Caption: Dopey, Sleepy, Sneezy and Bashful dance on by.

Title: Pinocchio Artist
Caption: A bike-riding artist draws a picture of Pinocchio.

Title: Alice & Friends
Caption: Alice, the Mad Hatter and Tweedle Dee & Dum frolic and play.

Title: Alice & Friends, Part 2

Title: Tigger, Eeyore & Piglet
Caption: Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet dance and fly kites.

Title: Flight Float, Part 1
Caption: The next float features Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo, Mr. Stork,...

Title: Flight Float, Part 2
Caption: ...Bernard & Bianca, Aladdin as Prince Ali and Genie.

Title: Flight Float, Part 4
Caption: Mary Poppins waves to the crowds on the back of the float.

Title: Chimney Sweeps
Caption: The Chimney Sweeps step in time.

Title: Hook, Smee & Pirates
Caption: Captain Hook, Mr. Smee and some dancing pirates appear.

Title: Smee & Pirates

Title: Villians Float, Part 1
Caption: The next float carries several villians, including Jafar...

Title: Villians Float, Part 2
Caption: ...Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Chernabog...

Title: Villians Float, Part 3
Caption: ...and Cruella De Vil.

Title: Villians Float, Part 4
Caption: Ursula rides along.

Title: Dancing Characters
Caption: A bunch of characters play and dance.

Title: Peter & Wendy
Caption: Peter Pan and Wendy wave to the crowds on a white snowglobe.

Title: Float Back
Caption: The back of Peter and Wendy's float.

Title: Peter Pan Artist
Caption: A bike-riding draws a picture of Peter Pan.

Title: Bridesmaids
Caption: Several beautiful bridesmaids dance down the street.

Title: Bridesmaids

Title: Bridesmaids & Float
Caption: A snowglobe containing Cinderella & Prince Charming appears.

Title: Artist & Bridesmaids
Caption: Another bike-riding artist appears with more bridesmaids.

Title: Castle Float, Part 1
Caption: A blue and crystal castle float comes into view.

Title: Castle Float, Part 2
Caption: This float carries more couples, including Belle & The Beast...

Title: Castle Float, Part 3
Caption: ...Ariel & Prince Eric and Aurora & Prince Phillip.

Title: Castle Float, Part 4
Caption: Flora, Fauna & Merryweather also appear on the float.

Title: Rope Carriers
Caption: These rope carriers indicate the end of the parade.

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