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El Rio Del Tiempo

This album contains photos from "El Rio Del Tiempo (The River of Time)", the original boat ride attraction in Epcot's Mexico pavilion.

It opened with the park in 1982 and closed in 2007 to be transformed into the "Gran Fiesta Tour starring The Three Caballeros".

El Rio Del Tiempo

Title: Entrance

Title: Warning Sign

Title: Load Area

Title: Safety Sign

Title: Beginning
Caption: Our voyage begins with a cruise through Mexico's ancient past.

Title: Mayan Pyramid

Title: Temple Paintings
Caption: We're now entering the pyramid.

Title: Temple Paintings, Part 2

Title: Giant Mayan Statue
Caption: This giant Mayan statue comes to life to welcome us.

Caption: We're about to leave the past.

Title: Fiesta, Part 1
Caption: We pass through a Mexican fiesta as we enter the present day.

Title: Fiesta, Part 2

Title: Fiesta, Part 3

Title: Fiesta, Part 4

Title: Fiesta, Part 5

Title: Fiesta, Part 6

Title: Fiesta, Part 7
Caption: We pass under these buildings into a series of caves.

Title: Pool Bar

Title: Beach and City

Title: Cliff-Diving
Caption: Cliff divers take the plunge.

Title: Beach View

Title: Beach
Caption: People cavorting on a beach.

Title: Marketplace Pinatas

Caption: Vendors try to sell us hand-crafted gems as we pass by.

Title: Archway and Fountain

Title: Flower Boats

Title: Mexican Dancers

Title: Mexican City, Part 1

Title: Mexican City, Part 2

Title: Mexican Statue

Title: Ending, Part 1

Title: Ending, Part 2
Caption: Narrator: "Goodbye. We will meet again. Until then..."

Title: Ending, Part 3
Caption: Narrator: "May you always be delighted by the beauty of Mexico."

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