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Peter Pan's Flight

This album contains photos from the Magic Kingdom attraction, "Peter Pan's Flight".

Peter Pan's Flight

Title: Entrance

Title: Peter Pan Shield #1

Title: Peter Pan Shield #2

Title: FastPass Return Times

Title: FastPass Machine

Title: Warning Sign

Title: Safety Sign #1

Title: Load Area, Part 1

Title: Load Area, Part 2

Title: Load Area, Part 3

Title: Load Area, Part 4

Title: Load Area, Part 5

Title: Load Area, Part 6

Title: Load Area, Part 7

Title: Load Area, Part 8

Title: Load Area, Part 9

Title: Flying Pirate Ship Vehicle

Title: Safety Sign #2

Title: Toys and Table
Caption: Our flight begins in the Darling family's nursery.

Title: Nursery Beds, Part 1

Title: Nursery Beds, Part 2

Title: Darling Children, Part 1
Caption: Wendy, John and Michael are greeted by Peter Pan's shadow.

Title: Darling Children, Part 2

Title: Tinker Bell
Caption: Tinker Bell sprinkles us with pixie dust.

Title: Nana
Caption: Nana barks at us as we fly over the fence.

Title: Houses, Part 1

Title: Houses, Part 2
Caption: We fly over several houses as we begin our flight.

Title: Cars and Road

Title: London View, Part 1
Caption: Our ship begins to fly over moonlit London.

Title: London View, Part 2

Title: London View, Part 3
Caption: London Bridge can be seen below.

Title: London View, Part 4
Caption: So can Big Ben.

Title: Moon
Caption: Peter, Wendy, John and Michael flying to Neverland.

Title: Neverland Arrival
Caption: We're now arriving in Neverland.

Title: Pirate Ship
Caption: Mr. Smee, at Captain Hook's command, fires a cannon at us.

Title: Lost Boys' Camp
Caption: We then pass the Lost Boys camping out at Hangman's Tree.

Title: Mermaid Lagoon
Caption: Next, we fly past the mermaids (plus Ariel) at their lagoon.

Title: Indian Camp, Part 1
Caption: We also pass Tiger Lily and her people at their camp.

Title: Indian Camp, Part 2

Title: Flying to Pirate Ship
Caption: We're about to fly over Captain Hook's ship.

Title: Wendy
Caption: Wendy is being made to walk the plank!

Title: Smee & Pirates
Caption: Mr. Smee and the rest of the pirate crew look on.

Title: Lost Boys & Pirate
Caption: Another pirate watches the tied-up Lost Boys, John and Michael.

Title: Peter & Hook Battle
Caption: Peter battles Hook on the ship's mast.

Title: Crocodile
Caption: Tick-Tock the Crocodile hungrily awaits Captain Hook.

Title: Defeated Pirates

Title: Flying Home
Caption: Peter and his friends prepare to fly the ship back to London.

Title: Hook & Crocodile
Caption: Captain Hook: "Help me, Mr Smee! Help me!"

Title: Smee in Rowboat
Caption: Mr. Smee: "I'm coming, Captain!"

Title: Ending

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