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Animal Kingdom Lodge

This album contains photos from Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Animal Kingdom Lodge

Title: Logo Mat

Title: Lobby

Title: Balcony Railing
Caption: Note the gazelle designs.

Title: Ostrich Lamp
Caption: Note the Ostrich designs and the nest with an egg as the light.

Title: Table
Caption: Note the lion designs along the table.

Title: Jiko Ceiling

Title: Pool Area, Part 1

Title: Pool Area, Part 2

Title: Mens' Room Lion Head
Caption: This lion head appears on a mens' room door.

Title: Ladies' Room Lioness Head
Caption: This lioness head appears on a ladies' room door.

Title: Stair Shaft

Title: Giraffe Rock
Caption: This rock has giraffe drawings sketched on it.

Title: Savannah, Part 1
Caption: The following shots are of the savannah.

Title: Savannah, Part 2

Title: Savannah, Part 3

Title: Savannah, Part 4

Title: Savannah, Part 5

Title: Savannah, Part 6

Title: Birds at Lake

Title: More Birds at Lake

Title: Crane on Water

Title: Zebra

Title: More Zebras

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