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Pirates of the Caribbean

This album contains photos from the Magic Kingdom attraction, "Pirates of the Caribbean".

Pirates of the Caribbean

Title: Marquee

Title: Skull-Shaped Rock

Title: Warning Sign #1

Title: Wait Time Sign

Title: Pirate Props

Title: Warning Sign #2

Caption: We wind our way through the fortress before reaching the docks.

Title: Skeletons Playing Chess
Caption: Here, we find two skeletal pirate prisoners playing chess.

Title: Cave Entrance

Caption: We're about to board a boat.

Title: Load Number

Title: Safety Sign

Title: Ship in Distance
Caption: We pass a ship in the distance as we begin our voyage.

Title: Cave Waterfalls
Caption: Ghostly Voice: "Dead...men...tell...no...tales..."

Title: Davy Jones
Caption: Davy Jones: "Dead men DO tell tales, so says I."

Title: Skeleton Beach
Caption: We pass a beach littered with pirate skeletons.

Title: Skeletal Helmsman
Caption: We pass a skeletal helmsman before going down a waterfall.

Title: Wicked Wench, Part 1
Caption: We encounter the Wicked Wench ship, led by Captain Barbossa.

Title: Wicked Wench, Part 2
Caption: Barbossa: "Strike yer colors, ye bloomin' cockroachers!"

Title: Fort
Caption: The fort battles the ship to keep the pirates out of the town.

Title: Dunking, Part 1
Caption: The pirates dunk Carlos, the town's magistrate, in the well.

Title: Dunking, Part 2
Caption: Pirate (to Carlos): "Where be Captain Jack Sparrow?"

Title: Dunking, Part 3
Caption: Carlos' wife in the window gets frightened by the gun.

Title: Jack Sparrow
Caption: Jack Sparrow hides behind some manequins.

Title: Wench Auction, Part 1
Caption: The pirates are auctioning the town's fair maidens.

Title: Wench Auction, Part 2
Caption: The lady in red captures the eyes of some of the pirates.

Title: Wench Auction, Part 3
Caption: Auctioneer: "Strike yer colors, ye brazen wench."

Title: Onlookers
Caption: Onlookers: "We wants the red-head!"

Title: Hecklers
Caption: Hecklers: "Six it be. Six bottles of rum!"

Title: Pooped Pirate
Caption: Jack spies on the treasure map as the pirate gloats.

Title: Old Bill & Cats
Caption: Bill: "Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Have a little old-time rum."

Title: Pirates, Donkey & Dog
Caption: 3 pirate musicians, accompanied by a singing dog and a donkey.

Title: Pirate Musicians
Caption: Pirates: "Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me."

Title: Burning City Pirates
Caption: The pirates have set the town on fire!

Title: Pirate & Pigs
Caption: A drunken pirate wallows in the mud with some drunken pigs.

Title: Pirate & Parrot on Bridge
Caption: A pirate with a dirty foot and a parrot sit on a bridge.

Title: Jail, Part 1
Caption: We enter the town jail, where some pirates are imprisoned.

Title: Jail, Part 2
Caption: The pirates in the next cell try to get the keys from the dog.

Title: Jack & Treasures
Caption: Jack, having found the treasure, sings the "Yo Ho" song.

Title: Jack & Treasures, Part 2
Caption: Jack wallows in the treasure as his parrot companion looks on.

Title: Unload Area, Part 1

Title: Unload Area, Part 2

Title: Rolling Gangplank
Caption: It seems like a peg-legged pirate just walked on here!

Title: Emergency Exit Sign

Title: Exit Only

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