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Pirates Removed Items

This album contains photos of "Pirates of the Caribbean" items and things that were removed or altered during the attraction's major rehabs in 2006.

Pirates Removed Items

Title: Logo and Parrot
Caption: The old logo with the parrot that used to talk to the guests.

Title: Brass Poster

Title: Original Wait Time Sign

Title: Emergency Exit Sign
Caption: One of the original emergency exit signs.

Title: Skeleton Beach
Caption: The skeleton beach, as it looked before the rehabs.

Title: Skull and Crossbones
Caption: The talking skull that used to appear before the drop.

Title: Wicked Wench
Caption: The Wicked Wench with its original unnamed captain onboard.

Title: Pooped Pirate & Dog
Caption: The original "pooped pirate" with a girl hiding in the barrel.

Title: Pirate Musicians
Caption: The 3 pirate musicians as they looked before the rehabs.

Title: Singing Dog
Caption: The singing dog, sporting its original fur.

Title: Jail
Caption: The jail scene with the dog sporting its original fur.

Title: Treasure Room, Part 1
Caption: The treasure room, as it was before Jack Sparrow moved in.

Title: Treasure Room, Part 2
Caption: The guards were tied up as the parrot sang...

Title: Treasure Room, Part 3
Caption: ...while these drunken pirates constantly fired their guns.

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