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Splash Mountain (DL)

This album contains photos from the Disneyland attraction, "Splash Mountain".

Splash Mountain (DL)

Title: FastPass Area

Title: FastPass Machine

Title: Warning Sign

Title: Wait Time Sign

Title: Height Measurer

Title: Entrance

Caption: The story plaques throughout the barn set the tone for the ride.

Title: Brer Statues
Caption: A wooden statue of Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox & Brer Bear.

Caption: A reminder that they take pictures of us during the final drop.

Title: Load Gate

Title: Log

Title: Brer Rabbit Log Head
Caption: This Brer Rabbit head appears on the front of each log.

Caption: After boarding the log, our waterborne trip begins.

Caption: We're about to ascend the first climb and up to the Mill Pond.

Title: Briar Patch
Caption: We circle the briar patch as we make our way to the mill.

Title: Owl
Caption: This owl hoots at us as we climb up through the mill.

Title: Brer Rabbit's Briar Patch

Title: Napsack and Log
Caption: Brer Rabbit's napsack resides on a log.

Title: Brer Fox's House

Title: Brer Bear's Cave

Title: Slippin' Falls
Caption: Here comes Slippin' Falls: our first drop!

Caption: After going down the Falls, we prepare to enter the mountain.

Caption: We find lots of geese, singing, picnicking and fishing.

Caption: A trio of frogs sings along with the geese.

Title: Brer Frog & Brer Gator

Title: Get Down!
Caption: Brer Fox yells at Brer Bear to get down from the tree.

Title: Donkey

Title: Brer Rabbit & Brer Turtle
Caption: Brer Rabbit & Brer Turtle are leaving to look for adventure.

Title: Brer Turtle's House

Title: Upside-Down Possums

Title: Brer Roadrunner

Title: Brer Rabbit with Handcart
Caption: Brer Rabbit rides away on a handcart.

Title: Hitchhiking Crocodile
Caption: Crocodile: "Why don't you take me along?"

Caption: Several signs point the way to the Laughin' Place.

Title: Brer Rabbit Snickering
Caption: Brer Rabbit snickers as Brer Bear peeks into the Laughin' Place.

Title: Looking In
Caption: Brer Bear: "There's nothin' in here, but...bees!"

Caption: We go down a drop in the dark, plunging into the Laughin' Place.

Title: Laughin' Place Hives
Caption: Bees fly around the hives, as the song "Laughin' Place" plays.

Title: Brer Bear & Brer Rabbit
Caption: Brer Bear gets hives as Brer Rabbit laughs at him.

Title: Chicken in Shower
Caption: Other critters sing and whoop it up, including a chicken...

Title: Fox on Geyeser
Caption: ...a fox sitting on a geyser,...

Title: Weasel
Caption: ...several weasels, who pop out of geysers around the fox,...

Title: Storks
Caption: ...two storks,...

Title: Dog in Boat
Caption: ...a dog in a spinning rowboat,...

Title: Laughin' Place Band
Caption: ...a goose, a rooster and a turkey.

Title: Stuck in Honey
Caption: Oh no! Brer Fox caught Brer Rabbit!

Title: Possum Family
Caption: Mother Possum: "Don't you go to the Laughin' Place..."

Title: Rabbit Family
Caption: Mother Rabbit: "...or the fox will get you too."

Title: Vultures
Caption: 2 vultures taunt us about looking for a laughing place.

Title: Brer Fox's Lair
Caption: Brer Rabbit: "Please don't fling me in that briar patch!"

Title: Run-Out
Caption: After the final plunge, we float through a run-out-like canal.

Title: Fowler's Cellar
Caption: "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" begins to play as we float along.

Title: Waterfall
Caption: We pass this waterfall while floating through the runout.

Title: Porcupine & Raccoon
Caption: This porcupine and raccoon welcome us to the ride's finale.

Title: The Swamp Boys
Caption: These 3 crocodiles are next to welcome Brer Rabbit home.

Title: Welcome Home
Caption: A "Welcome Home, Brer Rabbit" party is going on.

Title: Wagon Critters
Caption: A fox, two kittens and a wolf in a donkey-pulled wagon join in.

Title: Zip-A-Dee-Lady
Caption: Up ahead is the rocking Zip-A-Dee-Lady riverboat.

Title: Mr. Bluebird
Caption: Mr. Bluebird tips his hat to us as he whistles along.

Title: Stuck in Briars
Caption: Brer Fox & Bear struggle with the briar patch and Brer Gator.

Title: Brer Rabbit Home
Caption: Brer Rabbit made it back home to his briar patch.

Title: Professor Barnaby Owl
Caption: He shows us our drop photos as we head for the unload area.

Title: Photographic Art Studio Ad
Caption: The shop where we can buy our drop photos is advertised here.

Caption: Here in the exit area, we can view our drop photos.

Title: Photographic Art Studio Ad #2

Title: Penny Press Machine
Caption: Screams and splashes are heard when pennies go down the machine!

Title: Wheelchair Sign

Title: Darkroom

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