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Snow White's Adventures (DL)

This album contains photos from the Disneyland attraction, "Snow White's Scary Adventures".

Snow White's Adventures (DL)

Title: Entrance
Caption: The Queen opens the curtains in the window from time to time.

Title: Warning Sign

Title: Stone Bunny Plaque

Title: Pillar Squirrels

Title: Entrance Book & Apple
Caption: If you touch the apple, you'll hear the Witch's laughter!

Caption: As we enter, we pass this scene in the Queen's castle...

Caption: ...where we hear her divulging in her plans to kill Snow White.

Caption: We can also see the silhouette of a squawking raven.

Title: Load Area, Part 1

Title: Load Area, Part 2

Title: Safety Sign

Title: Cottage Fireplace
Caption: Our adventure begins in the Dwarfs' Cottage.

Title: Animals
Caption: Inside, we find the forest animals washing dishes and clothes.

Title: Animals & Dwarfs

Title: Frog Clock

Title: Snow White & Animals
Caption: Snow White and more animals, standing on the stairs, smile on.

Title: Dwarfs, Part 1
Caption: The dwarfs sing, yodel and play musical instruments.

Title: Dwarfs, Part 2

Title: Woods
Caption: Soon, we leave the cottage and head out into the woods.

Title: Queen at Cottage
Caption: Queen: "These dwarfs can't hide Snow White from ME."

Title: Mine, Part 1
Caption: Next, we pass through the Dwarfs' Mine...

Title: Mine, Part 2
Caption: ...where a million diamonds shine.

Title: Mine, Part 3

Title: Vault Door

Title: Vultures
Caption: 2 vultures stare at us as we leave the Mine.

Title: Castle Doors
Caption: Uh oh! We're about to enter the Evil Queen's castle!

Title: Raven & Throne

Title: Witch at Mirror
Caption: The Queen suddenly spins around, revealing herself as the Witch!

Title: Dungeon, Part 1
Caption: Next, we travel through the Queen's skeleton-infested dungeon.

Title: Dungeon, Part 2

Title: Dungeon, Part 3

Title: Witch at Cauldron
Caption: Witch: "Have an apple dearie."

Title: Witch in Boat
Caption: Leaving the castle, the Witch returns again in a boat.

Title: Dark Forest, Part 1
Caption: We're now entering the dark forest...

Title: Dark Forest, Part 2
Caption: ...which is inhabited by bats, logs that look like crocodiles...

Title: Dark Forest, Part 3
Caption: ...and lots of monsteresque trees!

Title: Dark Forest, Part 4

Title: Dark Forest, Part 5

Title: Witch in Cottage
Caption: We approach the Dwarfs' cottage again...but the Witch is inside!

Title: Dopey, Happy, Sneezy & Bashful
Caption: The Dwarfs chase the witch up a mountain.

Title: Grumpy, Sleepy & Doc

Title: Witch on Cliff
Caption: The Witch tries to crush the Dwarfs, but soon meets her demise.

Title: Final Doors

Title: Happily Ever After
Caption: The story's happy ending is depicted in these murals.

Title: Unload Mural

Title: Unload Raven
Caption: This raven resides on a pole in the unload area.

Title: Unload Skull & Candle
Caption: This skull and candle are on the unload area's control booth.

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