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Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

This album contains photos from the Disneyland attraction, "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride".

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

Title: Warning Sign

Title: Warning Sign #2

Caption: Now, here's a series of shots of the load/unload area.

Title: Safety Sign

Title: Library, Part 1
Caption: Our wild ride begins in Toad Hall's library.

Title: Library, Part 2

Title: Library, Part 3

Title: Library, Part 4
Caption: Angus MacBadger tries to keep his balance on a tottering ladder.

Title: Library, Part 5

Title: Library, Part 6

Title: Crash Through Fireplace
Caption: We leave the library by crashing through the fireplace.

Title: Suit of Armor & Shelves
Caption: We miss being struck by a falling suit of armor.

Title: Hallway, Part 1
Caption: We careen down a hallway...

Title: Hallway, Part 2
Caption: ...lined with more portraits of Toad and his friends.

Title: Hallway, Part 3

Title: Hallway, Part 4

Title: Hallway, Part 5
Caption: The Weasels swing from the chandeliers above us.

Title: Hallway, Part 6

Title: Dining Room, Part 1
Caption: Next, we travel through Toad Hall's dining room.

Title: Dining Room, Part 2

Title: Dining Room, Part 3
Caption: At the table, we find Moley eating dinner.

Title: Cop #1
Caption: We see our first cop after leaving the confines of Toad Hall.

Title: Ratty's House
Caption: We pass Ratty's house...

Title: Riverbank
Caption: ...and the riverbank.

Title: Cop #2
Caption: Cop: "Stop!"

Title: Paddy Wagon

Title: Cops on Bridge
Caption: More cops are after us!

Title: Farmer & Sheep
Caption: We pass a terrified farmer and his equally-terrified sheep.

Title: London Wharf
Caption: We miss going over the edge of a wharf...

Title: Warehouse, Part 1
Caption: ...and charge into a warehouse...

Title: Warehouse, Part 2
Caption: ...full of boxes and barrels containing explosives and stuff.

Title: Warehouse, Part 3

Title: Warehouse, Part 4

Title: Explosion, Part 1
Caption: Suddenly, the cargo in the warehouse blows up!

Title: Explosion, Part 2

Title: Explosion, Part 3

Caption: Leaving the warehouse, we head out onto the streets of London.

Title: Delivery Truck, Part 1
Caption: We miss crashing into a delivery truck.

Title: Delivery Truck, Part 2

Title: Winky's Pub, Part 1
Caption: We're about to pay a visit to Winky's Pub.

Title: Winky's Pub, Part 2

Title: Winky's Pub, Part 3
Caption: Mr. Winky sinks down, leaving the beer mugs spinning in mid-air.

Caption: Leaving the pub, we lurch through a town square...

Caption: ...where we circle a real working fountain with Toad and Cyril.

Caption: Townspeople: "You frog-faced little twit!"

Caption: Townspeople: "Wait until I get me hands on you!"

Title: Law Court Entrance
Caption: Up ahead is the entrance to a Law Court.

Title: Courtroom
Caption: Prosecutor: "Guilty! Thank you, that is all!"

Title: Prison
Caption: We quickly escape from the prison and enter a railroad tunnel...

Title: Train Collision
Caption: ...where we collide head-on with an oncoming train!

Title: Jaws of Hell
Caption: After hitting the train, we die and go to Hell!

Title: Devil Prosecutor
Caption: The prosecutor reappears, this time as a devil.

Title: Devils
Caption: Lots of little wiggling and laughing devils inhabit the caves.

Title: Devil Hiding

Title: Devil

Title: Green Dragon & Devil
Caption: We encounter this dragon before we head out to the unload area.

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