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Pinocchio's Daring Journey

This album contains photos from the Disneyland attraction, "Pinocchio's Daring Journey".

Pinocchio's Daring Journey

Title: Entrance

Title: Warning Sign

Title: Stromboli Poster #1
Caption: The first of several posters promoting Stromboli and his shows.

Title: Stromboli Poster #2

Caption: The following shots are from the load area.

Title: Woodcarver's Cart
Caption: We travel through the attraction aboard woodcarver carts.

Title: Operating Booth

Title: Puppet Theatre Entrance
Caption: Our journey begins in Stromboli's Puppet Theatre.

Title: Puppet Show
Caption: Pinocchio: "Hi Diddle Dee Dee, An Actor's Life for Me..."

Title: Boarded-Up Exit Door
Caption: Oh no! The theater's exit door is boarded up!

Title: Stromboli Door
Caption: The door to the theater's backstage area.

Title: Stromboli Poster #3

Title: Stromboli
Caption: Stromboli: "This will be your new home! Ha, ha ha!"

Title: Caged Puppets, Part 1
Caption: Pinocchio and several puppets are being held captive in cages.

Title: Caged Puppets, Part 2
Caption: Jiminy Cricket: "Watch out!"

Title: Stromboli Poster #4
Caption: We escape from Stromboli just as soon as he had caged us!

Title: Jiminy Cricket
Caption: Jiminy: "Oh no! You're going the wrong way!"

Title: Pleasure Island Entry, Part 1
Caption: The entrance to Pleasure Island is right up ahead.

Title: Pleasure Island Entry, Part 2

Title: Pleasure Island

Title: Balloon

Title: Candy Carousel

Title: Peppermint Wheel & Ice Cream
Caption: A peppermint ferris wheel and an oversized ice cream cone.

Title: Candy Apple
Caption: We also pass an oversized candy apple.

Title: Candy Store, Part 1

Title: Candy Store, Part 2

Title: Popcorn & Tobacco
Caption: An oversized popcorn box and tobacco crate come into view.

Title: Tobacco Row Entrance
Caption: The entrance to Tobacco Row.

Title: Foulfellow & Gideon
Caption: Gideon whacks a strength-tester as Foulfellow looks on.

Title: Clown & Jack-in-the-Box

Title: Tobacco Row, Part 1
Caption: We're traveling down Tobacco Row...

Title: Tobacco Row, Part 2
Caption: ...where Indians throw free cigars to boys.

Title: The Rough House
Caption: Up ahead is The Rough House, where anybody can pick a fight.

Title: Pipe House

Title: Poolroom, Part 1
Caption: We're about to enter the Poolroom.

Title: Poolroom, Part 2

Title: Poolroom, Part 3

Title: Poolroom, Part 4
Caption: Lampwick turns into a donkey as Pinocchio looks on.

Title: Poolroom, Part 5
Caption: Coachman: "A bad kid always makes a jackass out of himself."

Caption: We leave the Poolroom, only to find Pleasure Island in ruins.

Caption: Coachman: "Get them crates ready!"

Caption: Coachman: "Shut the doors and lock 'em tight!"

Title: Donkeys in Crates, Part 1
Caption: The other boys at Pleasure Island have turned into donkeys!

Title: Donkeys in Crates, Part 2
Caption: Donkey Boys: "I don't want to be a donkey! Let me out of here!"

Title: Crate
Caption: The donkey boys are being sold into slavery!

Title: Jiminy at Doors
Caption: Jiminy points the way out as the doors slam shut on him.

Title: Coachman with Crate
Caption: Coachman: "You blokes going somewheres? Ha, ha, ha, ha!"

Title: Jiminy on Buoy
Caption: Jiminy: "Look out for Monstro!"

Title: Monstro
Caption: We avoid being eaten by Monstro the Whale!

Title: Geppetto
Caption: Geppetto: "Pinocchioooooooooooo..."

Title: Jiminy at Village
Caption: Jiminy: "That's it! You're almost home!"

Title: Village, Part 1
Caption: We're back in the Pinocchio Village, safe and sound.

Title: Village, Part 2

Title: Village, Part 3
Caption: The wishing star twinkles in the sky above.

Title: Village, Part 4

Title: Geppetto's Front Door
Caption: We've made it home, just in time for the Blue Fairy's visit!

Title: Bedroom, Part 1
Caption: Pinocchio: "Gee, I'm glad to be home!"

Title: Bedroom, Part 2
Caption: Geppetto: "Figaro, Cleo, Pinocchio's home!"

Title: Workshop

Title: Jiminy with Badge
Caption: Jiminy proudly shows off his new "Official Conscience" badge.

Caption: The toys, puppets and clocks in the workshop come to life.

Title: Fireplace

Title: Blue Fairy Mural
Caption: We pass this mural as we approach the unload area.

Title: Unload Mural

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