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Family Fun Day Parade

This album contains photos of the "Main Street Family Fun Day Parade" at the Magic Kingdom.

Family Fun Day Parade

Caption: Guests are invited to participate in this parade.

Caption: The performers and characters make their way to the Hub

Caption: Daisy Duck, Clarabelle Cow, Horace Horsecollar,...

Caption: ...Pluto, Chip and Dale ride to the Hub in a fire engine.

Caption: Pluto leads the parade.

Caption: A special guest family gets to ride in the fire engine.

Caption: Horace and his group of guests wave flags.

Caption: The drum passes by as the parade continues down Main Street.

Caption: Some guests playing tambourines pass by.

Caption: Clarabelle leads a stroller brigade.

Caption: Chip 'n Dale and their group march with hula hoops.

Caption: Daisy leads a group of pom-pom wavers.

Caption: The Main Street Philharmonic joins in.

Caption: The parade makes its way to Town Square.

Caption: The parade culminates in a patriotic finale in Town Square.

Caption: Now, a series of shots of the characters and performers leaving.

Caption: The band plays one last song as the performers leave.

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